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  1. Ma si può istallare una aversione patchata e poi passare ad una retail più facilmente ? o convieve direttamente la retail ?
  2. KingHowl

    Introduce yourself.

    Ok thank you so much ^^ You are very helpful
  3. KingHowl

    Introduce yourself.

    Thx for the links but what are the topics where can i post ? because if I've to post 5 times only in this topic I'll flame a lot ahahah
  4. KingHowl

    Introduce yourself.

    Hi I'm andrea. I'm from Italy and I've a question. When I try to post something in the international section of the forum i get that error message :Sorry, you do not have permission to reply to that topic. I think it's beacause I've to introduce myself here before my mac advanture My question is :when could i write in the others topic to risolve some problems ? thx u and sorry for my bad english !