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  1. Help with 8600gt 512mb

    it works i love you man
  2. Help with 8600gt 512mb

    lol i got the same problem and i already gave up XD ill try switching the ports hope it's that simple
  3. diablo 2 in window mode

    hi, i was just wondering if it is possible to start diablo2 directly to window mode something like this but for leopard thx
  4. Warcraft 3 now Universal

    when I try to run frozen throne i just get black screen but I can hear music and sound of main menu falling down im on hackintosh leo4all (core 2 duo, nvidia 8600 gt with nvinstaller .41) any ideas?
  5. update and version check

    Hi I have 2 noobish questions 1. how can I check my os x version? tried to find some "about" help file but no luck 2. I would like to update to 10.5.2 version (i think I have 10.5.1) so I found some tutorials but somene said that its enough to run kalyway update is that true? im downloading this file "kalyway_hack_10.5.2ComboUpdate" so all I have to do is run it right? (i have iAtkos1.0)
  6. iATKOS v1.01ir2 - directory service

    ok i figured it out problem was that i forgot to format that partition actually I thought that it will be done automaticly... so if anyone gets same error try to format partition again
  7. Hi, i downloaded iATKOS and installation seemed to go fine, but on first boot it was loading forever when I rebooted and turned on diagnostic messages i got something like this "launch has failed to launch directory service com.apple.directoryservice...." so... what might be the problem?
  8. NVinstaller geforce8600

    i got 8600GT too just didnt think GT part was important i tried with NVinstaller v.41 but same thing happens, i click on it the "explodin icon" effect happens like its starting but nothing happens im not sure what version of OSX i have, I downloaded it while ago ill try by downloading iatkos
  9. NVinstaller geforce8600

    Hi im new to osx86 so I need some help i managed to get internet working but cant get graphic card to work properly i downloaded NVInstallerV.34.pkg and tried running it but nothing happens so should i run it from terminal or something? I know its probably dumb question but I just cant figure it out