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    Acer Aspire 8943G DSDT Help

    Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 8943G (laptop, Core i5 430m, 5650m) which needs a DSDT edit. Mainly, I need the EDID injected into the DSDT (screen pickup is bad, 1/3 boots maybe). However, sleep isn't working, the touchpad/keyboard doesn't work without VoodooPS2, and the audio doesn't work without VoodooHDA. The last two are more minor things, but the laptop has a 5.1 surround system built in, but only two of the speakers are working. Also, there is a high pitched noise all the time, and the speakers make a sound almost like they're blowing when the system boots. Anyways, I'm not sure how much of this can be solved by a DSDT edit, but is someone is willing to try I would be very grateful. P.S. I downloaded "runme.app" (or something like that) that was posted in another topic, and it gave me a kp. What can I do? Thank you EDID.rtf
  2. .Quinn

    5650m 100%... I'm so close!

    Thank you for the offer, but it may not be needed. Long story short, I accidentally didn't enter any framebuffer at all one boot, and lo and behold, the graphics seemed to work. However, it seems that the EDID pickup is still bad, even though I have followed This guide. I have full resolution all the time (1080p on LVDS), but most of the time the screen is distorted, jagged for lack of better word. I will post a screenshot when I can. Would injecting the EDID into the DSDT help with my problem? Also, sorry for taking so long to reply, I've been rather busy this last while
  3. .Quinn

    5650m 100%... I'm so close!

    Thank you all for the replies. I am assuming that QE/CI is working, as I can play minecraft (I know, I'm a very productive person). However, the dashboard "ripple" effect isn't working. Can anyone confirm?
  4. .Quinn

    5650m 100%... I'm so close!

    I have already added that line, but I will try putting the plist in the folder you suggested. Thank you Edit: It appears that didn't work I've also tried adding "Graphics Mode" = "1920x1080x32@60" in there, no difference :/
  5. .Quinn

    5650m 100%... I'm so close!

    I've followed a multitude of guides recently, all of which helped me to get where I am now. Let me explain: System: Acer Aspire 8943G CPU: i5 430m Memory: 4GBs of DDR3 Graphics: ATi 5650m Snow Leopard 10.8 - Chimera (The guides say to use Kably's, but it is aging, and Chimera has it's code in it anyways) I have everything working great, except for the graphics. It displays perfect, 1080p with QE/CI, but only when I manually enter "AtiConfig"="Eulemur" at boot (The exact same key/string is in the boot.plist) If I don't enter that, everything on the display is distorted, jagged if you will. (Text is just barely readable) Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  6. .Quinn

    Introduce yourself.

    Hey, I'm Quinn. I want to try to put Mac OS on my laptop, mainly because my teachers are bitching at me because I don't have a Mac. I want to show them that my 18.4' lappy can take on their Macs, on their own turf, and for cheaper