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  1. ML on Dell XPS 13 - few bugs

    I may try this later but I think they conflict with the VoodooPS2 ones don't they? I came across these same files before you suggested the VoodooPS2 ones and they didn't work. I think I am ont he right path with the VoodooPS2 ones, just need to find the setting to fix the inverted horizontal scrolling. Should I try the FrescoUSB kext again with that USBFix=Yes?
  2. ML on Dell XPS 13 - few bugs

    Wow - before you replied, I got kext-delete happy and deleted some kexts that I clearly needed. I am back up and running and have made some progress. I removed all the ApplePS2Controller kexts and only have the Voodoo ones you provided in your zip file and now the touchpad is working almost. I still can't control anything in the 'Trackpad' in System Preferences but at least it scrolls correctly. The biggest problem is that the horizontal movement on the touch pad is inverted. I have to move my finger down to go up. My mouse scroller does the same thing. I installed the Scroll Reverser app to get around it on the mouse but the touch pad still does something similiar. Any idea how to get the touch pad to move up when I go up? I tried that FrescoUSB kext again and it seems to be the cause of the gray screen. Any other suggestions for getting that guy to work? I received my USB nano wifi card today and have it up and running. The machine is almost there where I can use it with a handful of USB devices plugged in. Thanks again for your help thus far.
  3. ML on Dell XPS 13 - few bugs

    Thanks! I am trying them all now and now I am booting into a gray screen. Even with -x -v ... Uh oh!
  4. I've got ML 10.8 to install and dual boot with Windows 7 on my Dell XPS 13 ultrabook. I have a nano-USB wifi card that should be in today. The 3 biggest issues I have are the following: The onboard PS2 keyboard works fine with any of the many different ApplePS2Controller/PS2NUB kexts that I have tried -- however the touchpad (I believe it is a Cypress), does not work at all. As soon as I touch the touch/track pad the cursor jumps around a little but it is not controllable. Sorry for the poor description. Its almost as though the touch pad is jammed down. As soon as I do this, I cannot use the USB mouse either. I can move the cursor around but the left mouse button doesn't work. I have to reboot. The USB is a Fresco 1009 chipset -- any chance their is a working kext for this anywhere? I tried the generic PXHD kext for USB3 I found somewhere but nothing I plug into the USB3 port is recognized When the laptop goes to sleep, I can't wake it up - I have to reboot I haven't spend much time on the 3rd one. The 1st one is my biggest problem because it keeps me tethered to a USB mouse and I only have the 1 USB port. Not sure what other details you might need - I appreciate any help! Thanks!