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  1. Thanks man. Thermal paste is pretty fresh and PRAM reset doesn`t helped. I was already lost any hope to fix it by myself but I decided to do a final strike I`ve just disassembled macbook, clean the motherboard, assembled it and OMG... it works fine so far.
  2. Ok. So now after few (LOL) SMC resets CPU seems to be works fine, i mean speedstep but fan is still running at full speed all the time Update: CPU speed is low again and speedstep doesn`t works. system is very laggy again.
  3. Thanks pal. I`ve tryed it now few times but not succeed. I`m also made a PRAM reset and after that my mac boots in system recovery. I`m getting CPU info in CPU-Z under bootcamped Windows 7. BTW iStat has same optional functions as smcfancontrol. Thanks for your reply.
  4. Hi Guys! I have a problem with my macbook. Few months ago I replaced my spilled keyboard and after that iSight camera doesn't works anymore. Today I decided do fix it. After disassembly I noticed that there is some deformed pins in camera/wifi connector. I fixed that and after booting my mac I was surprised - the camera works. I make a FaceTime call and camera really works great, without any problems. But later i noticed that CPU fan spins at max (sounds noisy) and CPU runs at only 796 MHz all the time. I was trying to boot with unplugged camera connector but it doesn't helps. Please tell, what can I do with it. Thanks.
  5. В начале года менял залитую клавиатуру и после всех манипуляций бук перестал видеть вебкамеру (встроенную). Сегодня решил исправить это. При осмотре коннектора и разъема для соответствующего шлейфа на материнке, заметил, что и там и там погнуты контакты после варварского извлечения шлейфа из разъема. Выправил кое-как контакты, собрал - камера работает. НО теперь вентилятор проца постоянно вращается на максимальных оборотах с момента включения бука и сиситема ужасно тормозит. Загрузился в винду и CPU-Z показал, что проц неизменно работает на частоте 796 мгц. Отключил шлейф камеры/вайфай - тоже самое. Вопрос - с чем это может быть связано? Заранее благодарен за любую помощь.