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  1. here is the story. i have been running it on my dell m2010 (a massive 20" super-laptop) for about 3 months now. got everything important to work QE/CL on the ati radeon x1800, headphones+internalmicrophones, sleep, wifi, bluetooth, ethernet, blueray drive etc ... i have/had it running off my portable usb drive, while i have windows 7 on my internal drive. i had just started downloading the 5.something gig adobe cs5 file and the system froze. so i rebooted the system only to get the boot0: done message, i got that fixed by doing a 'repair' of the usb drive through my vmware osx installation and then reinstalling chameleon rc5.700. ////////////////////////// so now the issue is that while the drive loads the bootloader, there is no option to boot from my mac partitions anymore. only my dvd/bd drive and my windows partitions are vislble. i have set the boot flag again to the correct partition, but my snowleopard partition doesnt show up in the chameleon list anymore. installing myhack doesnt get me anywhere either. . why is it that while the chameleon that is installed ont he same partition as the snowleopard can't see the possibility of booting into it? please help