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  1. Is the wiring in your pic correct? It looks backwards. Please correct me if I'm wrong. Thanks!
  2. DSDT Auto-Patcher

    Hi there MaLd0n. I'm trying to use the DSDT Z68 auto-patcher with these two errors: [Line 208 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.PX40.AG3E)] [Line 214 type Error message Object does not exist (\_SB.PCI0.PX40.AG3E)] What do they mean? How can I correct them? My issue is this. I have a Gigabyte GA-Z68X-UD3-B3 and everything works except that it won't run my overclock. It only reports (and runs) 3.4GHz. I am using a DSDT from tonymac's DSDT database. Attached is my "send_me.zip". It'd be great if you could help me out. Thanks! send_me.zip
  3. You, my good sir, are a genius! Thank you!
  4. Bootloader...yes. But it returns a 'can't find mach kernel' error. When running the script, I am getting this message in the kext installer: "Waiting on OS to start updating boot cache on RAID helper partition..." That's where it gets stuck. I have a strong feeling this is the reason for my troubles. EDIT: I ran the dsdt patcher in a separate script window while "Waiting on OS to start updating boot cache on RAID helper partition..." was displayed on the original window, and...BAM! It completed. But now, it loads the bootloader and the only option is the original (cloned) drive, no matter which of the 2 SSDs I choose to load from. I'm about to shoot someone. Really though...very frustrating. I know I'm close... Please advise me. Thanks again MAJ!
  5. I have not gotten this issue fixed. So all I need to do after I clone is: run the script and install the bootloader? I tried this for days and it didn't work. Can you please point me in the direction I need to be in? Or, give me a more detailed instruction on what to do? Thank you so much MAJ!
  6. Hey all. I'm having a major issue. I cannot boot from a cloned striped RAID partition no matter what I try...and i've tried everything (I think). Any insight would be a huge help. I need to get this done asap and have been pulling my hair our for 2 days trying to figure it out. Thanks!
  7. What do you mean by "combined as one"? Can't I just append the string to the combined/appended (current) string that has GFX with LAN appended? So, if I have this right, I need to pull the working GFX card out and install the new card (in the 2nd slot), then boot and open your script and append an EFI string for the new card to the current EFI string (option #7 of your script)? If that's correct, I only have one question. How will the computer boot with the new card without the EFI string appended beforehand? Thanks again!
  8. Hi DD...First off just want to thank you for your awesome script! It's allowed me to build 6 machines on the X58/i7 platform. I remember reading somewhere (I believe in this thread), that to add a second graphics card, you would first need to remove the 1st working card (in slot PCIE 16X1), and install the 2nd card in the PCIE 16X2 slot, then create a efi string for it. My question is, can I do this with the script and the boot.plist/efi string editor (I believe option 9)? If I'm way off, can someone please clarify the procedure for doing this. Thanks again!!! This community is the best!
  9. Thanks for the encouragement! As soon as I get this GPU & these SYS HDDs, I am going to try Kakewalk, since that was what was used in a successful install on my board (according to the HCL).
  10. I apologize. Don't not help me because of it. Please.
  11. Introduce yourself.

    Here to create a hack mac. Having troubles making my 1st post though? Any suggestions? I made a topic in the new users area, but it doesn't show up.
  12. I've been trolling for a good while now, and I am building a machine for the very same reason as the OG poster. In fact, this thread was my initial inspiration. I bought everything in my sig. I just need help picking a cheap, dual dvi gfx card. This machine will be strictly for music (Logic 9 , Ableton, Plugins, Etc). I would like to do a moderate OC on the cpu as well, so I'm open to any and all suggestions regarding anything. I could use some advice about what method of install I should use with the combination of things I have already purchased. Thanks to any and all.