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  1. acidizer

    Placa de Som

    Tenta com o que vem por defeito com o Ideneb. L.
  2. acidizer

    Instala normalmente mas reinicia sem parar

    Poderá ter a ver com definições específicas que tenhas que colocar na bios. Coloca aqui o fabricante e modelo da tua motherboard, diz se estás a usar discos sata, etc. L.
  3. acidizer

    Cubase 4 !?!

    After a search, I found this thread here made by eddie11c; About this Mac, For those like me too lazy to customize it Hope it can be help! L.
  4. acidizer

    Cubase 4 !?!

    That's quite odd really. Cubase has an option where you can turn on/off Multiprocessing. Head to Devices/ Device Setup Then to VST Audio System on your left Finally check the Multi Processing checkbox. I guess it should be selected by default but please try to do that. L.
  5. acidizer

    What Audio Interface Do You Use?

    Well... I got a preety scratched and bruised Tascam US-428. I'm trying to upgrade my stuff and leave behind the controller surface + audio interface. But I must confess I'm kinda lost with all these latest midi controllers. (Ok, kill me; I got stuck in time just right when Remote 25 was THE controller...LOL) Any tips? L.
  6. acidizer

    Early powercore PCI on hackintosh?

    Should work with stock Intel Drivers like all pci TC stuff! L.
  7. acidizer

    Problema com HD

    Que hardware tens? L.
  8. acidizer

    Travando após troca de processador

    Aparentemente há quem tenha a mesma board que tu com um quad a funcionar, portanto suporta o processador. VÊ este GUIA. Que AppleSMBIOS estás a usar? L.
  9. acidizer

    Instala normalmente mas reinicia sem parar

    No boot do chameleon, pressiona F8 e de seguida escreve -v. Coloca aqui o texto que receberes. Aproveita igualmente para colocares aqui o teu hardware. L.
  10. acidizer

    Kalyway 10.5.2 update 10.5.5

    Faz só -v e coloca aqui a o que leres. Que tutorial seguiste? L.
  11. acidizer

    Instalacao de placa de video

    Há um NVINJECT específico para placas gráficas com 512MB. Procura pelo fórum que consegues encontrar. L.
  12. acidizer

    MSN not showing pictures

    Really weird issue. Maybe today the only problem isn't just my msn that keeps disconnecting !
  13. acidizer

    MSN not showing pictures

    That was more or less what I was trying to explain to you. Try to install MSN again. L.
  14. acidizer

    MSN not showing pictures

    It happened with me some times. Even when loading the picture itself, it said it couldn't use that image. Try logging off, and running it again. If that continues to happen, re-install Messenger.
  15. acidizer

    Mac Messenger Issue

    EDIT: continues not to work. I haven't solved this at all... I found this curious on Messenger's log file -I downgraded the router's firmware , disabled both UPnP and firewall. -Got both xp and leop are working without any firewall. -Currently reviewing all the nat configs. Thank you for the help guys, and I guess I'll get a new router because this one is a major pain in the ass. Any ideas? L.