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  1. Thinkpad X220

    Google is your friend, initial post author of an article on another site is Peroxide
  2. RSN: I'm having this same issue as you, volume controls with VoodooHDA but no audio out. I looked at the info.plist file you attached, trying to figure out how you came up with the values 3042 and 4318? <key>VoodooHDADidSkip</key> <integer>3042</integer> <key>VoodooHDAVidSkip</key> <integer>4318</integer>
  3. Dual 9400 GT x16 and x1

    Did your main card work without modifications?
  4. Lenovo T410, Vanilla Snow, 10sep

    I'm just starting to test with a T510, NVidia video. iBootLegacy boot disk got me up and running with vanilla SL. At first glance, the following are not working: MMC Card Slot, Wireless