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  1. Here are the things I have tried so far: 1. 3 Different firewire cables, exact same noise on all 3. The 003 has two fireports, i tried each cable on both ports, same noise 2. Bought the Syba 2 port PCI-E firewire card off amazon. Tried this with same 3 firewire cables, same noise on all cables, on both ports on the Syba firewire card and both FW ports on the Digi 003 3. Tried rerouting/organizing cables and seperating everything in side my tower and by my Digi 003. The same noise is still present ====================================================== Gathering what I can from this forum and tonymac86, there are only a few options left: 1. Ferrite beads on my cables 2. Power supply in the hackintosh 3. Motherboard in the hackintosh I really dont think the problem is with the Digi 003 because when i connect it to my 2010 Macbook Pro, all noise is gone using the exact same everything. I am really trying to tackle this in a process of elimination and cost effective way, so i really appreciate all the help your giving me, but im starting to get stumped. What do you think my next course of action should be?
  2. trust me the less money i spend to get this fixed the better. i just want the fastest fix possible. the digi just uses a standard 3 prong power cable that all other devices uses, its power supply is internal. i should have stated that my first trouble shooting procedure was that I have a macbook pro i connected my digi 003 to and the noise went away, so it has to be a problem with the hackintosh hardware (both the hackintosh and my macbook pro are running snow leopard with pro tools 9). i reposted the audio sample to this reply since it didnt post originally. Memo.mp3
  3. thanks for all the help guys. I read the manual but i missed what you were talking about. i now see the other 1394 port but i need to buy an adapter to access it. i just purchased an external pci-e firewire card off amazon and OSX read it no problem but I still have the sound, so it has to be something else. Sounds like my next step will be a better power supply, or should I spend time trying to organize and shield my wires inside the computer?
  4. Well my motherboard only has 1 firewire port so thats out of the question. I will look into the power supply but like I said being a brand new build I feel like its unlikely. I ordered a new firewire card off amazon yesterday so hopefully that will be the fix. I will post here after I install it
  5. I am currently running a hackintosh in my studio with an Avid Digi 003 interface using firewire 400. Whenever I open Pro Tools and the firewire communication begins I get noise through my monitors. I am posting an audio sample of the noise. It is already happening at the beginning, then I should down pro tools, announce I am opening pro tools and as I click you can hear it breaks up the audio. This is really driving me nuts because I am trying to focus in on minute details in the audio and i cant with all this noise being so loud. Below is the hardware in using. ASUS P7P55D-E Pro ATX Intel Motherboard EVGA GeForce 9500 GT 01G-P3-N959-TR Video Card Intel Core i7-860 2.8GHz LGA 1156 95W Quad-Core Processor With a vanilla install of 10.6.3 updated to 10.6.4 using ######. (I followed the guide on lifehacker) I have read other forum posts on here with similar issue but most people were saying the noise was coming from the computer itself, and mine is coming through my monitors. If I cant find a solution through my current hardware I will try to purchase an external firewire card but I would rather save myself the $30 if I don't need it. Thank you in advance
  6. ASUS P7P55D-E Pro Firewire Not Recognized

    ::Self resolved:: Firewire was shut off by default in the BIOS. I love easy fixes
  7. This is my third hackintosh build and I folloed the Lifehacker Adam Pash guide to do it. Everything went flawlessly except for the fact that it wont recognize my firewire or esata ports off the MOBO. Below in my signature is a list of my hardware. Ive done a few hours of searching but cant find any custom kext to solve my problem or any users experiencing the same thing. I built this for a pro audio computer and the whole thing relies on firewire. Thanks in advance for any help
  8. -v -f on every boot or OSX wont load

    a bit of progress was made. when i booted using -v it never gave me an error, it just booted fine. so i went into the BIOS of my Intel DG33TL and changed my state from S1 to S3. Now it will start fine by just pressing enter at the darwin boot screen. Still cant restart but its overrated anyways, im happy for what ive got
  9. -v -f on every boot or OSX wont load

    i removed extensions.mkext and i still cant restart. those pictures are what happened after i pressed -v and -f. ill try just doing -v and see what happens
  10. -v -f on every boot or OSX wont load

    so i checked every box in OSX86 tools and clicked "Run Selected Task". It seems to have solved most of the problem but I still cant restart. Any ideas?????
  11. I am running a hackintosh on 10.5.5 that i installed from the retail disc using bootloader generic 132. I have an Intel DG33TL mobo and a C2D SSE2/SEE3 processor. If I dont type -v -f at the chameleon screen every time I boot my computer it will just hang at the white screen with the apple logo. If i do type -v -f it boots no problem. I am using a vanilla kernel and everything works find but that. Here are pictures of each step that happens when I boot in verbose mode. If i need to post more information please let me know
  12. No Bootable Device, Restart Issue

    Since apprently everyone here is clueless on it, i figured it out on my own. I believe what finally did it was messing around in OSX86 tools and doing things like "Repair Permissions" and the other options below it. I dont really know what this does, maybe some sort of organizing, but magically after doing that I no longer need the bootloader disc to run OSX
  13. I installed 10.5.4 and got it to boot (with the bootloader disc). Now I have common issues with my onboard sound and network cards not being recognized. I download the kext that people claim is working perfectly, open OSX86 tools, click "install kext" and restart. When i start it up again, nothing has changed. The hardware still does not work, nor is it recognized. But when I go into system/library/extensions I see the kext in there. What is going on? And this is only out of desperation. I have read thread after thread but when you dont understand something, sometimes you just have to ask.
  14. Alright so with a ton of luck, i managed to use the generic bootloader-132 that I burned a cd-r, install the retail copy of leopard 10.5.1, update to 10.5.4 and everything is working except for 2 issues. After I install chameleon the message I get when I try to reboot without the bootloader disc in is "No bootable device -- insert boot disk and press any key". If i put this disk in and hit enter it will boot flawlessly every time. How can I install chameleon wrong though? I follow every prompt it says and still nothing. The other issue is that my computer hangs on restart. Shutting down is fine but if i try to restart my computer just turns off the monitor and stays on. I tried to install the openhaltrestart_1.0.3.kext but that didnt work. Here is my configuration, hopefully someone can help. MOTHERBOARD: Intel DG33TL PROCESSOR: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 VIDEO CARD: Nvidia GEForce 7200 GS 256mb SATA0 Optical DRIVE: LG GH22NS50 SATA1 Primary HARD DRIVE: Seagate ST3160812AS 2 MONITORS: 22" LG MEMORY: 4GB DDR2
  15. Pro Audio Hackintosh Build

    this is all great information, thanks guys. One question is about firewire. Apparently people say the DG33TL board is compatible so wouldnt that mean the firewire port on it is compatible as well? I just didnt get why it was recommended to buy a separate card. im purchasing snow leopard tonight and im going to try it in the next couple of days. wish me luck!