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  1. Yeah you'll need to tell us what card you have and also what driver/injector you used, if any. In my experience I used a modified driver for my ATI that came with the iPC distro I used, but QE/CI refused to work with it no matter what. Turns out I had to use Apple's vanilla ATIX2000 driver instead (+ the natit kext from this forum) for it to work.
  2. Introduce yourself

    Hi everyone, My name is Andrew and I've been trying my first Hackintosh. I've been mostly a Linux and Windows user (the latter only out of necessity, I much prefer Linux in general) for years but I finally got the itch to try a Hack. I had OSX on my old iBook G4 so it isn't totally new to me but I wanted to get rid of Windows on my main desktop PC while still being able to take advantage of Steam etc. And I think this can do it for me. I have to point out also, my first post on here was in the ATI section, where I cannot post again oddly, I don't know how I managed the first time but anyway I'd like to say, disregard my post on there As I finally decided to reinstall all over again completely clean and follow the 3800 series ATI thread instructions to the absolute letter, and what do you know... I have QE/CI with Sapphire 3870! Finally. Really goes to show if something recommends starting clean, you should do so.
  3. Hi guys, Is there no way at all to force QE/CI? Even if I have to delve into some obscure text file and risk the system, so be it, I'm willing to try if it's possible. I have a Sapphire 3870 and typically it will not play ball and I'm at my wits end. I have tried every driver/framebuffer and EFI string and kext I could find and every single time Quartz Extreme shows as Not Supported. So I wish I could just force it to see what happens. I have a 8600GT Nvidia card laying around but that could also be trouble to set up and well, I'm not sure if it's worth it being less powerful, but if I have to..