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  1. I've been trying to get the latest Jas release on my system for the past four days but nothing has worked. My system is pretty similar to the $200 Mac posted here awhile back, the relevant parts are an Asrock P4 Dual 915GL and two hard drives, a 200GB PATA I'm using for backup and a 100GB SATA I'm trying to use for the OS. Ideally I would like to have Either only OSx86 or dual boot that and Ubuntu but I can't figure out why its not installing properly. I checked the HCL and SATA is supposed to work fine for this MB but its not installing. When I try to dual boot using one of the guides on the wiki I can't get Disk Utility to erase the relevant partition. I can however erase the entire disk and install on it but it doesn't boot afterwards, just goes to a blank screen with a little blinking cursor on top. I'm using the lastest patches including the Disk Utility one and I had 10.4.8 installed on this before (on the SATA drive I believe) and it was working fine, I just don't know what the problem is. Thanx, -Ani