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  1. I've been trying to get the latest Jas release on my system for the past four days but nothing has worked. My system is pretty similar to the $200 Mac posted here awhile back, the relevant parts are an Asrock P4 Dual 915GL and two hard drives, a 200GB PATA I'm using for backup and a 100GB SATA I'm trying to use for the OS. Ideally I would like to have Either only OSx86 or dual boot that and Ubuntu but I can't figure out why its not installing properly. I checked the HCL and SATA is supposed to work fine for this MB but its not installing. When I try to dual boot using one of the guides on the wiki I can't get Disk Utility to erase the relevant partition. I can however erase the entire disk and install on it but it doesn't boot afterwards, just goes to a blank screen with a little blinking cursor on top. I'm using the lastest patches including the Disk Utility one and I had 10.4.8 installed on this before (on the SATA drive I believe) and it was working fine, I just don't know what the problem is. Thanx, -Ani
  2. Hi, after doing a clean install to 10.4.5 from the Myzr iso and while ethernet seems to work, internet doesn't. It detects the card fine but its not quite talking to it correctly. I'm using the Asrock P4915dual 478 which has given me no problems before. I tried swaping out the IOnetworkingfamily.kext from a 10.4.3 disc and repairing permisions but it didn't seem to work. Anyone else have any other suggestions? Even with no internet its nice that it finally shuts down properly now.
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    Look at the architecture of the plugins, its PPC.
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    negative screen

    It won't work on anything that uses a VESA driver apparently. It works on my machine with a GMA900 but not one with an 865 chipset which isn't supported.
  5. I was wondering it anyone could port the Centerstage project to OSx86, I tried doing it myself but I got an error and I'm far from being a programmer so I got stuck. Its open source and an older version has been compiled for x86 at WWDC, so I don't know if it'll be too difficult.
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    Cheapest ATI card for 10.4.3?

  7. I put it up on the pirateish bay as well. Just search for darwine. I can seed until the end of the day, then the computer's gotta get shut down.
  8. I have an Emachines T2958 that OSx86 installed flawlessly on (using the generic patch) but the graphics aren't accelerated. I did a search and I couldn't figure out whether things were supported or not. Anyone else using this chipset and has acceleration supported (or not)?
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    video test for native install

    Come on, lets see some more tests.
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    video test for native install

    That's odd, you would think a 3Ghz processor (even a Celeron) could handle more than 480p but then again the Apple site says that a dual 2.8Ghz Xeon is required for 720p on the Windows Quicktime part of it, perhaps Quicktime is optimised for PPC better than x86, hmm...
  11. I'm curious how well hackintoshes handle the Quicktime HD gallery on Apple's site. The site says you need at least a G5 to do at least 720p so I was wondering how OSx86 manages HD. The recommendations are here and it just seems disporportionate the way it compares the two. If you could post specs like proccesor and whether your video card uses acceleration or not and how your computer handles each resolutiuon that would be helpful as well. Thanx, -Ani
  12. The same price as OS X goes for now.