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  1. HP NR1030 Airport won't turn on

    My mom has managed to do something to her system and now the airport refuses to turn on. I've tried reinstalling the kexts and repairing permissions. Any advice? It's running ideneb 10.5.7. Sooner the better as it will get her off my back. Thanks! -KM
  2. Installation Difficulties

    Huh... it's worth a shot at least... guess I'll wait till I can get it on friday and try it then, thanks! -KM
  3. Installation Difficulties

    Right so each time I try using the VM method the VM dies... me thinks this might mean my mobo prolly won't support the OS... sigh... ideas? -KM
  4. Installation Difficulties

    Did both of those, posted the results in the first post again, the result is it repeating endlessly that it is still waiting for the root drive, I will look into the VM method later tonight after I image the drive incase of failure. If anyone has any ideas, lemme know. -KM
  5. Installation Difficulties

    I can boot into the loading to the install, but it doesn't get anywhere to the actual install diologue. I just get to the big apple loading screen with the spinning circle. -KM
  6. Installation Difficulties

    So I could use a little help, but first here's my specs: Mobo: Intel DG965WH Processor: Intel E6300, yes it has both SSE2 and SSE3 What I've tried thus far was using the 10.4.6 JaS installer and I get to the boot screen and I get a cirlce with a line though it while it's trying to load into installtion. Went into a diagnostic view and it's saying it's still waiting for a root drive... thoughts? Ideas? Need more info? I've got a copy of the latest JaS release so I'll try that tonight if I get a DVD to throw it on, but otherwise I'm a bit stumped... tried moving the DVD drive over to master btw in case the cable select mode was causing issues, my HD's are both SATA's. Also assuming I get something working do I need a bootloader or can't I just tell the system which Drive to look at to boot from? -KM