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  1. I'm having problems trying to get an old hackintosh back up and running. I gave this system to my dad and he's been using it for the last few years, but the other day he was trying to run Final Cut and it kept crashing (Come to find out its been like this since day one, but is just now telling me.), come to find out it was because the network card was not being detected (On board and PCI card) and after further investigation I found that all the PCI cards had stopped being detected. The System is: Intel Desktop Board DG31PR - BIO: PRG3110H.86A.0071 XFX GeForce 9400 GT - 1.0GB GDDR2 - PCI-Express Dynex - DX-E102 SATA HD and DVD drive When I built this system for him I cross checked with other sites to make sure the parts would work and I was pretty sure when I gave it to him that it was in 100% working order. I tried running updates with no change. So I decided to try doing a reinstall with a retail version of SL but when I go to boot into the SL disc I get this screen. Any help would be great. If someone knows how to get the PCI cards working or the onboard network card working without doing a reinstall that awesome, but I have no problem doing as fresh install IF I can get past that kernel panic. Thanks
  2. March Desktops!

    I've been using Vista on my PC at work for the last 3 months or so, and yes it is a very blantent rip off of OSX. In the past Windows has always taken little bits here and there when they copied the Mac OS. but with Vista, so much of it just screams "Yes We are stealing the Mac OS and We don't care." They should have just called Vista 'Microsoft Windows OS X' There are some videos floating around on the web called "The 'Real' Windows Vista" where they take Bill Gates Keynote about all the New Features in Vista and replaced all the Video of Vista with Video of OSX and iLife. Its a real shame that Microsoft has lowered themselves to this and have just stopped trying to hide the fact that they are copying the Mac.
  3. Animated Buddy Icons and Tabs in iChat!

    Thats a pretty damn cool add-on Thanks for sharing
  4. Web users "only visit six sites"

    wow I'm not part of the norm. I have at least 23 sites I visit daily.

    I have no problem with Photoshop CS2, it works fine. I have a Epson Perfection 1200U Photo Scanner.
  6. 360 Dev on Powermac?

    The first batch of Xbox360 Dev kits were infact PowerMac G5s. I think its very unlikely that you would be able to play any Xbox360 games on a normal PowerMac G5 first the X360 has a special videocard and second the X360 uses a different OS. BUT one thing that might allow PowerMac G5 owners to play X360 games on their Mac could be if someone develops a Emulator. Since you wouldn't have to emulate the hardware a Emulator could be fairly easy to create. All you would really need would be a copy of the X360 bios.
  7. iPod Hi-Fi

    I need to see one first hand and actually use it before I pass judgment. Right now I just have my iPod's Dock tied into my home stereo and that works fine. I will admit it does look cool. But then again so does all of Apple's products.
  8. How can I get OS X x86?

    Buy a Intel Mac. It comes with a copy.
  9. Thanks for testing it, I didn't want to take the chance since I did the switch and OSX is now my primarty OS. I have 10.4.5 running nicely. I think I'll just skip any Security Update for now untill someone creates a pack of updates pre-cracked..
  10. I ran the Software Update this afternoon after I found out there was a iPhoto and iTunes update and it shows a Security Update, Is it okay to install this or will it f*** up OSX?
  11. I'm having a problem with iPhoto, When ever I go to do a slide show and I select "Scale Photos to fill screen" when I play the sideshow I get a small 800x600 box in the center of the screen that only shows the center of the picture. Its like the images is being displayed at my full 1280x1024 resolution, but it blacks out everything outside the center 800x600. Also when I do a normal sideshow it only displays the slides as 800x600. Is there a way to fix this or is it a issue with my Videocard not having Quartz Extreme?
  12. Safari crash 10.4.4

    I was having this problem too, I just disabled Flash and everyhting works fine.
  13. AMD Systems

    See Sig: 10.4.5 Works great, Only problem I have is no OSX drivers for my VideoCard =(
  14. Any REAL advantage of 10.4.3 to 10.4.5 ?

    Wasn't there a timer in all the BETAs and they will stop working by the end of the year? That alone would be a good enough reason to update to 10.4.4 or 10.4.5. Also I wouldn't be surprised to find that some software won't work with 10.4.3 and lower of the Intel version.
  15. Windows or Mac for iPod?

    I think the missing .6GB is used for the iPod OS and other built in features so there is really no way to get it back no matter what format you use. Each format has its pros and cons. Using the Mac format you can have files that are over 4GB on it (Which doesn't really matter to you) But its good for the people who have bigger iPods and want to transfer large files. Sadly the only way to have your Mac Formated iPod be seen on a PC is if you have a program like 'MacDrive' installed so Windows can see a Mac formated drive. Using FAT32 is you best bet if you want to switch between a Mac and PC or if your a PC user. FAT32 is very univeral. Downside thou is that you can not move around files that are bigger then 4GB.