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  1. Thank you sunkid! I am brand new to mac (well since those Apple IIe days), and was eager to backup my new MBP to my WHS where all my other PC's are backed up. After reading the Time Capsule reviews, I didn't want to go that way. I used the manual procedures ... mostly because I didn't know what the heck I was doing, so it took me awhile to figure out terminal and the various commands and paths. In the end, it is working great. Thank you very much! Here's the dumb question for the day ... mounting the network drive/folder ... this took me awhile because I'm used to mapping network drives on the PC. When I go to Finder and Go -> Connect to Server, I would browse to the shared folder that I wanted and Connect. This always just shows the drive in the "Shared" list in Finder. I thought when I mounted it, the folder would show up on my desktop or something. When I view Finder inside Time Machine backups, I see my computer name under devices (which shows all the mounted shared drives), but when I just view Finder, my computer name isn't under the Devices list, just the hard drives, etc. Is that normal operation. 2nd dumb question. I got the MBP open box, so it had previously been setup. I changed my account from user to Thomas, but Finder still has "user" and "user" automatically shows up as default when logging in to some things. Is that normal, or should I be able to rename this "user" ... it doesn't show up in the Accounts list. OK ... now that I have the backup working, I'll go view some tutorials, so I don't bore this crowd with newb questions. But - thanks again sunkid!