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  1. No Boot Screen

    No, I didn't...
  2. No Boot Screen

    Checked both boot.plist, here's the flags: <key>Kernel Flags</key> <string></string> Literally nothing, I'm suspecting I'm missing some components here.
  3. No Boot Screen

    Can't find that specific directory :S I can see /Library/Preferences but there is no System Preferences in there.
  4. No Boot Screen

    My Snow Leopard 10.6 installation failed at the very last part, the problem was some DSDT.pkg corrupted kind of a message, regardless, the installation booted up well and everything was working. The only problem is I don't have the Apple boot screen, the ones with spinning wheel. It's showing me the boot up screen just like verbose mode, any ideas to this?
  5. Rare Graphics Card?

    I had made some progress. Before this, I can only select one type of resolution from the System Preferences. Thus, in order to achieve 1280x1024, I have to edit the com.apple.Boot.plist file. Now, I can select a variety of modes from the System Preferences. I have edited the <key>IOPCIMatch</key>'s <string></string> into 0x014f10de. Then a few more er, features(?) became available. Like Rotation, Mirror and other Display Connector. However, QE/CI is still not supported. I wonder am I on the right tracks? What do I still lack in order to fully support QE/CI?
  6. Rare Graphics Card?

    I have a GeForce 6200 PCIe 256mb card with device id 14f. I'm currently using NVinject 0.2.1 with 256mb rom but QE/CI not supported. I have tried to find the correct NVCAP for my device but all are for AGP (so far I have found). I also tried the old(?) Titan driver, Natit driver, Mac's NVidia kexts but none of them support QE/CI. I wonder if there is a way to force Leopard to support it?
  7. Input/Output Error?

    I boot up my PC with the DVD, when I click 'erase' at the disk utility, it tells me 'Input/Output Error'. Is it that my hard disk has error?
  8. Essential Softwares Installation Error?

    I have been using the JaS AMD or Intel SSE2, SSE3 10.4.8 beta v2 installation DVD. However, after installing the Base System Part 1, an error occured. I checked the setup log and found that there was a file error. Before installation, I made it check the DVD and it was OK. I wonder what is the problem?