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  1. phattyboombatty

    Slow USB 2.0 -or- EyeTV 2.3.x?

    I'm hoping to resurrect this EyeTV thread. I'm getting the EyeTV stutter in all versions, including 3.0.2. I've tried changing to the PCGenEHCI to no avail. All other video playsback fine, even when I pause and record a show. When I boot into Windows, my Hauppauge WinTV 950 works fine with no stutters, using their software. I've surmised video drivers but I've ruled that out because all other MPG content plays fine. Considering it the USB 2.0 problem, has anyone found a solution?
  2. phattyboombatty

    Poor HDTV playback

    You know what this appears to be on my Hackintosh, is a USB 2.0 problem. I get throughput on all of my USB devices, but with my Hauppauge ATSC device, the data comes through poorly. I know it's not my video card because playback of all movies and recorded TV look fine. I have tested this with my MacBook Pro, and everything comes in perfectly. The signal is strong and I have an external HDTV antenna. I've tried the PCGen kext to no avail.