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  1. Hi all, Just a little thought... I would like to thank gurus, members and (why not?) readers, wishing you all Magic Christmas and awesome 2012. Here attached in zip file my very personal DSDT and SMBios… Obviously it's a joke only but download it and enjoy. :wink2: @ bcc9 A special thank for your non-stop support and for time you wasted in summing up all steps about Lion installation: really great! You're the best one. Merry Xmas again from (now sunny) the iced Antarctica! Merry Xmas.zip
  2. Hi all, First I would like to thank all members for their always helpful questions and answers. I particularly thanks bcc9: actually he's my 'GURU'. I installed Lion from scratch (you find my hardware in signature): everything works like a charme with 3 minor bugs; minor but annoying bugs. The used DSDT is the last released by bcc9 and I carefully followed all notes about parameters (I use Chameleon 2.1s svn-r1684), kexts, patching, etc. - Bluetooth icon in menu bar: Is there a way to enable/disable bluetooth and/or change its status (discoverable/hidden) using the drop-down menu? In icon menu such options are always grayed so I have always to go into System Preferences. - Serial ATA: Using Lion I read 'Unknown AHCI Standard Controller' in System Profiler. I know... it's a cosmetic thing but in SL (until Rel. 10.6.7) I got the right description 'MCP79 Nvidia Controller'. (Note: I've already checked that AppleAHCIPort.kext contains the right string). Is there a possible solution? - Battery and Energy status: Here is the strangest behavior. When I boot my laptop using its AC adadper I see that laptop is using battery but with the highest screen brightness (!) At this point, if I unplug the AC adapter, System Profiler shows that laptop uses its battery automatically lowering the screen brightness. Now, if I replug the AC adapter, System Profiler shows that laptop uses main power automatically readjusting the screen brightness. Do you know in which way could I solve that behavior? Where am I wrong? Could it due to the graphic adapter or wrong smbios.plist? (it's Nvidia 9500M - Note: Using OpenGL Extension Viewer in Lion 10.6.7 I get 850 fps!! In SL I got 420 fps) (Smbios.plist refers to MacBook Pro 5,5 middle 2009) Anyway I can't get the estimated battery residual time or other infos about (battery icon always shows an "X"): could you confirm that it's due to voodoobattery kext? (I use rel 1.3.3) I apologize for the long post (hoping nobody posted the above in the past…) and I thank in advance for a possible feedback. :-))