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  1. Just run the updater and let it restart, it will still boot. After recrendae I think you have to run the vsdbutil command from a different partition (or from an old install CD or bootable USB). Always make sure you have a verified backup before upgrading just in case!
  2. You will have to update sooner or later anyway, why not now? Update, Recrendae and the vsdbutil command as described in Fabio's post. The kext move thing seems to have been automated in the Recrendae script, so no need for that. I did not have an extra partition to boot from, so I created a bootable external hard disk using SuperDuper and Chimera. After completion the only issue I noticed was a hang when I tried to empty the recycle bin or open any applications. I did a touch S/L/E and rebooted and everything was fine. Safari/Flash player seems to be back to normal after the update, it's no longer hogging cpu.
  3. I would recommend doing a clean install to a different partition, or backing up your SL before doing a overwrite. The reason is that I suspect that some SL applications may crash Lion. Anyway, I had a few problems with it. Use Fabio's Italian guide, you'll find the link a page or two back:-) A word of warning: By accident I forgot to unplug my USB backup drive after cloning my SL, before restarting my hackintosh - Do not make the same mistake!! I ended up troubleshooting every part of my computer before I found that disconnecting every SATA drive from the motherboard, even the drive I intended to install to, was the only way to get the Lion USB to boot. Thanks for the guide :-)
  4. I was able to install Lion on my P6T Deluxe v2 using this great guide, but first I had to update the boot loader to Chimera. I also changed my Snow Leopard from 4.1 to 3.1 before creating the boot USB. Further more, I had to use VoodooHDA in order to get the sound working. Everything looked fine for about 20 hours. Then I got a system crash, the screen went blue and I was forced to restart using the power button. Now Lion won't start, I'm getting the "Please restart your computer" message with grey screen and kernel panic in the background, something about CPU 6 and error code 0x0000000. I've had several crashes with my Snow Leopard, but it has never made the system unbootable. Have you any ideas why this happened, and could I recover without doing a complete new install?