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  1. I'm still having the same problem. Tried messing around with the DSDT but to no avail.
  2. I've been away from this post for a while, so I've lost track a bit as to what is the current "best build" for the D620, especially in light of 10.6.3. Can anyone suggest which post number has the most current DSDT/Kext Pack for it? I've gone back 10 pages or so and can't seem to find anything more updated than what I have (which might mean that there isn't anything new )
  3. Boot with the -x flag and you will boot into safe mode. Once your bootloader screen comes up, hit tab a few times till it gets you to a command prompt (of sorts) then type in the -x and hit enter.
  4. Just pull them out, re-run the Kext Utility and reboot. All will then be as it was before you added them.
  5. Leppy, If I could ask - how much work have you done in customizing your DSDT and what have been the source threads of what you have done? I've been poking around at all the different threads for customizing DSDTs for other MBs/Computers, and it seems like there are a lot of commonalities that could be applied here. However, my suspicion is that you have done all of the "standard" patches. I'd love to help test out, but don't want to reinvent the wheel. LT
  6. Yes, unless you want to work to get them corrected. Check out the SpeedStepping thread written by FormerlyKnownAs...gives a bunch of info on it.
  7. Another option for a couple bucks more is the dell version found here. I bought this for my 620, popped it in and it worked without any additional kexts. Pretty much plug and play.
  8. A bit unrelated but still relevant to the thread: Does anyone have an internal Bluetooth adapter working with their build of SL? I was thinking about picking one up from Ebay (examples here and here) but won't waste my $$$ and time if it isn't going to work. Thoughts? LT
  9. Maybe you have the wrong version of the DVD? I believe you need the full retail version and not one that came with a new Mac (I could be wrong on that, though).
  10. Yep. Sure did. Out of curiosity, (if you know), what is the difference between VoodooPower.kext and VoodooPowerMini.kext? Is mine running hot relative to yours?
  11. I've got restart / shutdown working A-OK on my 620 w/Intel using Leppy's latest Kext Pack and the PMkexts that were posted earlier. Only thing that isn't working, which seems to be the case for everyone, is Sleep. Do you have a restart kext in our E/E directory? Regarding the sleep issue - I'm curious to hear what happens to everyone else when they try to manually put the laptop to sleep. Mine appears to go down to sleep, everything stops, then a split second later everything with the exception of the display comes back to life. The only way I have to get back to a working system is a hard reset. Another question - what temperatures are your cores typically running at? Mine hover around 130 degrees farenheit, and will spike up to around 140-145.
  12. TheOriginalPol - I know that pmset command sets it to the "basic" sleep, but what does the nvram command do?
  13. Just rebuilt and still nothing. Will try to use one of the PS2 kexts from my Extra backup.
  14. I just tried it on my D620 and have no Mouse/Trackpad support. Will try to rebuild kext cache shortly and report back.
  15. I figured I'd reply back to see if anyone had any other insight on this. I have done some DSDT work, namely getting my AppleLPC to work properly (and the "Resume from power failure" checkbox is now available under the energy pref) and patching the DSDT per Formerly Known As. Also: - MSR tools indicates that Speedstep is running - I've tried patching my DSDT with my nVidia card info per TonyMacx86, but the differences between his DSDT and mine have prevented me from getting a successful recompile - I'm using a patched IOUSBFamily (per slice) to get my USB ports to be recognized as Built-in But, the resume is still taking 2.5 mins So...I'd love to hear any other thoughts that you might have as to what is causing such a long resume. Thanks in advance, LT