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  1. update_dyld_shared_cache missing?!

    That's the problem. It's not there and I'm looking where to get it from
  2. Hiya! I'm using Snow Leopard retail since a couple of months. Right after installation I noticed that the app update_dyld_shared_cache is missing which is not the case on my Mac Pro. Any idea where I can get it? Thanks in advice. Regards, Netto
  3. ideneb and MSI G31TM-P21

    I got it working a few months ago. Trick: Do NOT disable any devices in your BIOS and disable the "Executive Bit" (or similar) in your BIOS' CPU settings. That's it. Running Win7, OS X Snow Leopard and Ubuntu on my machine. Satisfied. :censored2:
  4. ideneb and MSI G31TM-P21

    Hey! Thanks for your efford! I will keep trying. :-D Greetings from Germany, Netto
  5. ideneb and MSI G31TM-P21

    Alright, I will give it a try. Would be cool if you could tell us what you've enabled in your BIOS once you get access to that computer again. Cheers, Netto Hikari
  6. Windows XP Outperforming Vista and 7?

    I've been using Windows XP since 2004 and Windows 7 since it was beta. XP was good, but today, it's just outdated. IMHO, Windows 7 beats Windows XP in all aspects. Speed, responsibility, look, handling, whatever. Microsoft did a good job in this case.
  7. ideneb and MSI G31TM-P21

    Hi! I'm so sorry. I was very sleepy when I posted this. You cannot switch AHCI on or of in the BIOS. Oh well, did you give EmpireEFI a try? It didn't work for me at all. This could have 2 possible reasons: 1.) The author's website is a blog which is kinda unsorted. He provides many different versions of EmpireEFI and I'm not sure which one to take. I tried a legacy one and it didn't work. Gave me a kernel panic (ACPI related). 2.) I have SATA devices only. Maybe I should give IDE a try... I don't know. I sold my IDE parts a few months ago. Oh well, maybe I'll ask a good friend if he can borrow me an IDE drive. If you succeed, please tell me. Greetings from Germany, NH.
  8. ideneb and MSI G31TM-P21

    I have the same mainboard and a similar problem. But I cannot get any install DVD to run since it hangs at the point you describe. You can enable AHCI in BIOS but that doesn't help either. In another thread, I read that using Empire EFI does the trick. That's what I'm going to try out next.
  9. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    GeForce 6200 AGP CI/QE enabled with ATY_Init.kext. Sometimes graphic glitches occur after closing QuickTime X, but that's not much of a problem. ATY_Init.kext.zip
  10. Sadly not... I'm also searching for a solution. But it seems, like nobody is interested in AGP any more... lol...
  11. Disabling ds_store and .file creation on all volumes?

    I think, it is impossible. Also, Finder would display file information and thumbnails of pictures / videos very slowly if you did. Just clean them up every few days using OnyX or a similar program. So long.
  12. GeForce 6200 AGP on SL

    Any updates on this? Did someone manage to get CI / QE working with AGP cards?
  13. Upgrade Your Boot Volume to Chameleon 2.0-RC1

    The script worked for me. Installation went fine. BUT I'm still having problems with Chameleon 2. Installed Windows 7 on first partition Installed iPC Final on second partition (with Chameleon 1) Used your script to upgrade to Chameleon 2 RC. Like I said, installation went fine, but on reboot, I see the BIOS post and after boot0: done, it immediately restarts and I have a loop. What did I do wrong?
  14. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Here's mine: Leopard iPC 10.5.6 AMD.
  15. Hallo, liebe InsanelyMac-Gemeinde. Ich fahre nun schon seit ein paar Wochen iPC 10.5.6 auf meinem doch schon relativ alten System, welches eine GeForce FX5500 (AGP) beinhaltet. Ich habe bei der Installation das NVkush Complete Package ausgewählt und alles läuft so weit ganz gut. CoreImage und QuarzExtreme soweit es geht aktiv, nur bekomme ich auf meinem 2. Monitor kein Bild. Diesen habe ich per VGA->DVI-Adapter an die Grafikkarte angeschlossen. Signal scheint er zu bekommen, aber eben ein falsches. Dummerweise konnte ich bisher nicht den korrekten NVCAP-String rausfinden, um das richtig hinzubekommen. Ich habe den NVCAP Maker getestet und dieser sagt mir nach der Auswahl des zuvor mit nvflash gerippten ROMs: ROM file: /Volumes/Aussenhirn/FX5500.ROM Copyright 2008 Arti Itra version 1.4 If you find this program useful you may consider a PayPal donation to: arti.macelite@gmail.com Nicht viel... :-P EFI Strings hab ich auch schon versucht per OSx86Tools... Naja. Manchmal kann ich dann booten (mit Dual-Monitor Unterstützung), manchmal nicht. Dann bleibt er einfach stecken und im Verbose Mode steht dann was von wegen PowerManagementFramework konnte nicht initialisiert werden. Dann hab ich auch noch mal NATIT getestet, was GARNICHTS gemacht hat und nun bin ich langsam am Verzweifeln. Würde doch soooo gerne 2 TFTs an meinem Hacki benutzen Fänd's echt cool, wenn mir jemand mal unter die Arme greifen könnte wie sonst auch immer. :-P (Echt, ich komm ja immer nur, wenn ich Probleme hab. XD) Greets, eXo EDIT: Weil ich mal lustig war, hab ich einfach mal NVkush im System belassen und den EFI-String in die com.Apple.Boot.plist eingetragen. Nun hab ich beide Bildschirme am Laufen (mit allen Auflösungen), nur kein CI/QE mehr... Es ist zum Mäuse melken. XD EDIT 2: Oh, das lag wohl doch nicht am NVkush.kext... Es geht auch ohne NVkush.kext... Anscheinend liegts daran, dass ich die GeForce.kext, GeForceFXGLDriver.bundle, NVDANV30Hal.kext und die NVDAResman.kext drin gelassen hab. Wenn jetzt noch irgendwie CI/QE so laufen würden wie zuvor... Das wär geil. ^^ PLÖP: GESCHAFFT! :D Ich habe endlich den richtigen NVCAP String rausgefunden und ihn in die info.plist der NVkush.kext eingetragen mit TextEdit! Hier der String: 04000000 00000100 06000000 00000000 00000000 Hier die Plist (wer's braucht): <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd"> <plist version="1.0"> <dict> <key>CFBundleDevelopmentRegion</key> <string>English</string> <key>CFBundleExecutable</key> <string>NVkush</string> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.DiaboliK.NVKush</string> <key>CFBundleInfoDictionaryVersion</key> <string>6.0</string> <key>CFBundleName</key> <string>NVkush</string> <key>CFBundlePackageType</key> <string>KEXT</string> <key>CFBundleSignature</key> <string>????</string> <key>CFBundleVersion</key> <string>4.20.1</string> <key>IOKitPersonalities</key> <dict> <key>NVKush</key> <dict> <key>CFBundleIdentifier</key> <string>com.DiaboliK.NVKush</string> <key>IOClass</key> <string>com_DiaboliK_NVKush</string> <key>IOMatchCategory</key> <string>IOFramebuffer</string> <key>IONameMatch</key> <string>display</string> <key>IOPCIMatch</key> <string>0x000010de&0x0000ffff</string> <key>IOProbeScore</key> <integer>0</integer> <key>IOProviderClass</key> <string>IOPCIDevice</string> <key>entriesToAdd</key> <dict> <key>@0,NVMT</key> <data> CgN/IEwtHAJ4BRoESAfQBWAGAABBBB0EIQQAAPDBQQcA AAEAAAAA/wAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA </data> <key>@0,compatible</key> <string>NVDA,NVMac</string> <key>@0,device_type</key> <string>display</string> <key>@0,fboffset</key> <integer>131072</integer> <key>@0,name</key> <string>NVDA,Display-A</string> <key>@1,compatible</key> <string>NVDA,NVMac</string> <key>@1,device_type</key> <string>display</string> <key>@1,name</key> <string>NVDA,Display-B</string> <key>@2,compatible</key> <string>NVDA,sensor-parent</string> <key>@2,device_type</key> <string>NVDA,gpu-diode</string> <key>@2,hwctrl-params-version</key> <data> AAAAAg== </data> <key>@2,hwsensor-params-version</key> <data> AAAAAg== </data> <key>@2,name</key> <string>sensor-parent</string> <key>@2,reg</key> <data> AAAAAg== </data> <key>NVCAP</key> <data> BAAAAAAAAQAGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA= </data> <key>NVPM</key> <data> AQAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA== </data> <key>device_type</key> <string>NVDA,GeForce</string> <key>name</key> <string>NVDA,Parent</string> </dict> </dict> </dict> <key>OSBundleLibraries</key> <dict> <key>com.apple.iokit.IOPCIFamily</key> <string>1.0.0b1</string> <key>com.apple.kernel.iokit</key> <string>6.0</string> </dict> </dict> </plist>