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  1. This is my first time to post a request for help. 70 yrs old, and know very little about my mac. I have a G4 mirror door 1.25 Ghz that runs excellent except if it is cold it will not start up. If I leave the wheel spinning for 20 min. it will then start and after starting it operates excellent, however if I put it to sleep, it will only wake up if I wake it within 15 min. if i wait longer I have to force quit it, then power up again, which works excellent after the restart. My first sympton was upon cold start in the morning the clock would be not set correctly, I would reset it and all worked fine, even the sleep mode, and it started correctly in the morning start. Then it didn`t want to wake up, then it had a normal start to the spinning wheel, but not go any further unless I left it in that state for about 15-20 min., then restart and it started and ran normal. so I replaced the battery and that fixed the clock problem but the rest still is the problem. So here is how it happens. I make a cold start, computer comes on correctly, but I only hear a very few clicks in the processor, and there it hangs with the wheel spinning. I leave it in that state for now 20 min. and do a restart and it starts correctly, and the processor clicks right throu the complete startup, and all is normal. It`s like the processor just sits there waiting for power or something to tell it to run. Does anyone have any idea how I can get it to do a cold start like it used to do<??? Thanks for any assistance and advice you can givG4 mirror door refuses to starte me