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  1. Okie Dokie no problem! I have stopped everything for now unless there is something else you would like me to do=). Just going to try one last thing...
  2. Well -x i've done as well. As for the voodoo kernel and everything else I'm not sure. As of the moment I am trying to beta test for Mammoth. I am trying to get os x to install. I am using 10.6.3 10D575 to try to install but can't seem to get it to the install process.
  3. tried cpus, busratio, and -f. none went through it was the same in the end restart. voodoo kernel?
  4. Yes it's exactly the same. Chameleon loads, I swap discs and refresh, then when I try to install it's starts the strings of processes and always ends the same... ACPI table not found x2 FADT: Restart Fix applied! x2 I want to help as I can, it's not much I can do though lol. A friend of mine said it could be that when i change my bios i can not change between SATA and AHCI mode. I don't know.
  5. I'm just completely lost. I've done everything I could think of to get this working but still can not. Beginning to wonder if it's just not possible on my laptop.
  6. take your time I am in no rush for anything i know you are busy and working hard for all of us. Besides i know that life goes on besides this stuff I am just trying to test and help anyhow I check back regularly.
  7. Well still haven't been able to get it going. Checked and rechecked everything over and over. I've done all as I was supposed to and removed the extra drive as well. Am thinking maybe it is the dsdt. am uploading mine now to see. dsdt.zip
  8. yeah I remembered to move out the second drive but going to try the -x in about 10 mins. and also get the dsdt up as well.
  9. I've done busratio and cpus, haven't tried -x so that's next. We shall see. Thanks.
  10. ok I tried -f and a long list of things started, but in the end it still came up restart fix applied. Restarts again.
  11. also meant to re-ask how to give you the dsdt for my machine...
  12. Awww I really hope your school work goes well!! Take care and good luck=) Okie dokie I'll get right on that =) EDIT: Well I removed my second drive and tried a few more times. I tried trying the drive in both places i could as well. I took some pictures to try to show what happened. They aren't great but maybe they can help see if I went wrong somewhere Hopefully they are helpful.
  13. Well I have tried quite a few times and haven't been able to get it functioning properly yet...still trying! not ready to give up yet . I want to try and help ya figure this out best I can. EDIT: well i am lost as I try to load the installer from the 10.6.3 apple cd it starts the list of loading and errors then just restarts...tried everything i can think of...any ideas?... also how do i post my dsdt for you?
  14. Hey just wanted to let you know that I will be doing the text in the next few hours so by tonight I will be able to let you know Hey just wanted to let you know that I will be doing the text in the next few hours so by tonight I will be able to let you know Hey just wanted to let you know that I will be doing the text in the next few hours so by tonight I will be able to let you know bleh my internet is acting funny sorry for it posting so much can't tell if the msg went through.
  15. If you need an i5 tester I wouldn't mind trying to help in any way just let me know what you need me to do.
  16. Thank you for such a warm and wonderful welcome!! I am very happy to hear that my laptop will indeed be supported. Yay! Glad I was able to do the sig properly. I am very excited for your CD and Guide...now I will be on the edge of my seat until release hehe. Thank you very much once again.
  17. HEY everyone am new to this and am trying to learn how to install mac os on my laptop so i can dual boot with win7. I tried my best with putting my specs in my sig lol. So am wondering do i pass to be able to? Thanks! Also I burnt a copy of iATKOS S3 Snow Leopard version 2 and tried it but it flashes the grey screen with the apple logo the restarts setup into win7...