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  1. Clover General discussion

    Have a sort of NVram Problem - I guess. I tried to update from Sierra to HS by just using the installer app. (Preparation like adding apps.efi, updating clover etc. done in front certainly). The update started and after a short time it rebooted the system. Then my Sierra started again acting like nothing has been done before. Then I installed HS via an USB installer. So, to keep my Sierra partition, I shrinked it and installed HS to the free rest space. This worked fine. HS started up like expected. It looks like it is working fine on my hardware. The problem occurs after 13.1 has been released. I run the update and once again the system reboots but started with 13.0 like nothing has happened in between. My thought are currently that a special NVram entry is being placed by the installer/updater but it does not persist a reboot of my machine? Or does any one knows whats is going on with my system - because I also do not find any similar behaviour being posted in any forums? What I have done so far: 1. I tried to add a boot parameter via shell command to the nvram - was not recognised at new boot. 2. I tried to create a /etc/shutdown... script to copy nvram to disk but no luck. Clover is always saying: "PutNvramPlistToRtVars: nvram.plist not found" No further idea on my side. So how can I debug my nvram is my first question here? Please also advice which information is needed if you want to look deeper into my problem. Regards
  2. Clover General discussion

    Hi, I have managed to upgrade my machine to Sierra. After having messy partitions I have decided to make a scratch installation. That means, that I have completely reset my SSD. Unfortunately I did not backup my clover efi partition which was running fine as it was not that problem last time to set it up. Now I have the problem, that my clover installation is not working from internal SSD (USB disk is doing fine). I have tried all installer variants - efi, legacy - driver combinations - non of them is working? I have googled any instructions but no help so far. I am trying a new clover release: v2.3k r3922 If I configure my bios to boot efi by specifying the file in /efi/boot/bootx64.efi it does not find the boot loader (or cannot load it) and reopens my boot device selection screen. In legacy mode it comes to a black screen with a blinking cursor. (In the case when I recreate the EFI partition with newfs_msdos -v EFI /dev/disk0s1 and reinstall with EFI option - and start in legacy mode I get an error output Boot0af: error) From my usb disk everything is doing fine. So I am running out of options how to continue. Anyone can help me? Thanks.
  3. Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo P5730

    Sorry - missed the notification :-( Hopefully you can still use the DSDT file I have uploaded to the other forum.
  4. [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E6410 Nvidia El Capitan Clover [ENG]

    FaceTime/iMessage is a standalone topic - you need a working MBL and ROM ID as well. Please see other posts like: 110471-how-fix-message (by google)
  5. [GUIDE] Dell Latitude E6410 Nvidia El Capitan Clover [ENG]

    Thanks for that guide. I have a E6510 - but this is pretty similar machine - just 17' display. I have managed to enable audio in a very simple form: Edit the config.plist: remove from Devices - Audio - Inject (was 3) add the following 3 entries to kernel and kext patches - kextToPatch: Name: AppleHDA, Find [HEX]: 8419D411, Replace [HEX]: 00000000, Comment: AppleHDA IDT #1 Name: AppleHDA, Find [HEX]: 8B19D411, Replace [HEX]: E7761D11, Comment: AppleHDA IDT #2 Name: AppleHDA, Find [HEX]: 8319D411, Replace [HEX]: 00000000, Comment: AppleHDA IDT #3 Reboot, and you have sound. Some remarks on your guide: 1. You are mixing clover installation with chameleon installation. You do not need to add any kexts to S/L/E. Just place them into /EFI/CLOVER/kexts/10.11/. Clover will load them while starting. 2. You do not need NullCPUPowerManagement.kext as you want to enable Apples cpu power management. NullCPUPowerManagement.kext is disabling it. You just need this kext for installation before having a running power management, but with our CPU it's running fine. (I have just deleted it.) 3. The option kernel and kext patches - Kernel CPU is needed for eliminating kernel panics related to an unsupported CPU like Yonah, Atom or Haswell for old systems. I guess we have newer CPUs - just deselected. 4. The option kernel and kext patches - KernelPM is for 10.8.5 and 10.9 kernels - just deselect. 5. I have deselected the option kernel and kext patches - Kernel LAPIC as well Will test some other settings and provide some feedback. I have updated to the latest FakeSMC package from RehabMan - containing a HW Monitor app. You can see the CPU Frequencies as well as Temperatures - great. Please check: RehabMan-FakeSMC-2015-1230
  6. Fujitsu Siemens Esprimo P5730

    Solved USB Problem on my P5730. Working with Yosemite and Maverick - Booting with Clover (EFI simulation). It has been an IRQ conflict between HEP and USB. Please find my DSDT attached. Currently have VoodooHDA kext for Sound - working on ALC663 patch to get it working with AppleHDA. Sleep not working. Someone succeeded? ops - upload not permitted for me :-( So no dsdt attached
  7. My Snow Leopard Installation on a Dell 820

    Found Lappy' guide and boot CD thread ... However the boot CD is not working for me - While booting with this CD my D820 hangs (well not with kernel panic but with doing nothing) shortly after loading the network kext. When no cable is plugged it just waits - after plugging a cable in it fetches a dhcp lease and a ip address and waits after this step for whatever ??? So I am still using the I-Boot CD to boot the installation DVD and the first time to boot the system. After this a use Lappy's post install script to load the required kexts into the /E directory. This is working quite good for me. Unfortunately my DVD is still not opening. Well I have to investigate deeper... So far...
  8. Hi all, as this is my first post in this forum, not my first post in forums at all, I want to share my experience with the installation of snow leopard on a dell 820 laptop. Feel free to give hints and comments to my experiment... The current status is, that I am writing this text in the current running safari/snow leopard 10.6.5. Here my actions I have done up to now: 1) Got the last release of I-Boot (tonymacx86.blogspot.com) and a retail Snow Leopard Installation DVD (10.3) 2) Disable the multi core support in the bios 3) Booting the I-Boot CD - changing to Snow Leopard Installation DVD and continuing with the installer 4) Partitioning the hard disk and starting the installer selecting packages etc 5) waiting while moving around with the mouse, see problem (1) 6) After shutdown for reboot changing again the disk to I-Boot and booting it again 7) Selecting my new hard disk partition and booting the fresh snow leopard installation 8) First JUHU, while watching the welcome video (GFX and Sound are quite OK) 9) Downloading the 10.6.5 update from apple and installing it 10) After reboot (still I-Boot) creating a time machine backup (This step is really useful and I recommend it for every "greenhorn") 11) Reading the broadcom ethernet thread - a really long one :-) - and at the end downloading the AppleBCM5751Ethernet.kext 12) Copying the kext into the S/L/E Folder - fixing rights and ownership - clearing kext cache 13) rebooting (still I-Boot) 14) Cable ethernet online! 15) WLAN - ebay search for a apple compatible wlan card (my is the intel one which is not supported - I have found at the forum) - currently awaiting the shipping 16) Installing Chameleon RC5 by using MulitBeast 17) Rebooting - not working :-( 18) Back to I-boot So this is the current status, my problems will now follow... My Problems are (I will update this list with new problems, informations and solutions as long I will get/find them): 1) When once the screen goes in stand by it will just come back black (the backlight will be switched on again but this is all) -- currently switched display standby off 2) The Laptop hangs sporadically while the installation is running - no doubt why 3) DVD eject does not work 4) Restart does not work (some times it works but do not ask my when - I am still investigating); Sometimes, after hard power of the first time coming back again it restarts before running again 5) ...