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  1. 10.6.7 working sweet on MSI Wind U100

    My bad! - shame theres no delete button. Mod can you move this thread to snow leopard section please!
  2. Upgraded from 10.6.3 to 10.6.6 keeping 10.6.3 kernel. I lost usb functionality with 10.6.6 update so replaced 10.6.6 IOUSBFAMILY and IOUSBSTORAGECLASS kexts with 10.6.3 kexts. Updated to 10.6.7 broke USB again, followed the above proceedure and have usb working again. Display, Bluetooth, Wireless, Camera all working fine Life is good.
  3. SL 10.6.6 + GT220 + QE/CI Working... almost

    Hi, I'm using the latest myhack which means; Chameleon-2.0-RC4 with PCEFI-10.5 I tried GraphicsEnabler=Yes to start with, on its own. But it never give me any resolutions or QE. I haven't tried GraphicsEnabler with efi because I thought the idea was to use only one solution. That is, GraphicsEnabler, kext or efi string, but not more than one. Oh and is it GraphicsEnabler=Yes or =y or either? Thanks
  4. SL 10.6.6 + GT220 + QE/CI Working... almost

    UPDATE: I've test the HDMI and that doesn't work either damit. What to do?
  5. SL 10.6.6 + GT220 + QE/CI Working... almost

    UPDATE: I used nvflash in dos to get the correct NVCAP for my card. Once I added that to the EFI String the DVI partially worked in that I can now boot to the desktop. The problem I have now is that the resolution is set at 800x600 and if I try changing it even to 1024x768 it hits a blue screen and stops. 15 Seconds later it tries to revert back to the original setting and flickers a few times but then stays blue. I then have to restart. Again, the VGA port works flawlessly but I need DVI. Any ideas?
  6. Hi, So I changed my mind and bought a cheap GT220 for now. I wanted to make sure this hack is gonna be reliable. I've got 10.6.6 installed happily and my GT220 seems to be running with QE/CI with an EFI String only. The gfx is a Zotac GT220 1GB DDR2 Fanless if anyone's interested. I haven't test real high resolutions as my workshop monitor won't run very high. But also, the problem I have is to do with the DVI port. The vga port seems to work fine, other than the poop quality it offers. So I attached a DVI to vga adapter to the gfx and ran it into my workshop monitor to the vga in. The boot process worked fine and I got the verbose output from bootup until the very moment the desktop loaded and it went black. So I'm not sure where to go from here. I'll iterate; VGA = works fine QE/CI good resolutions. DVI = gives boot up logo and verbose output until desktop loads and then screen goes black. HDMI = untested as I have no hdmi screen. Now I think I read that you can only use the following combinations; VGA + HDMI DVI + HDMI But not: VGA + DVI Which is fine as I don't need any dual output. Furthermore, when I tested the DVI output I detached all other connections. The only thing I might have a problem with is the DVI-VGA adapter I used, although it is Dual Link DVI as well as the gfx. So, where do I go from here?
  7. GFX Upgrade - ATI or Nvidia?

    Hi Guys, I'm gonna replace my GFX as mine doesn't work properly with SL x64 and more to the point its a {censored} 7300LE. I want to spend around £100 give or take and was thinking if the new mac Pros use an ATI HD 5770 and HD 5870 then a HD5770 should work natively straight out the box! Correct? - Well okay maybe a little tweaking. I was thinking about the silent Gigabyte version as I require passively cooled. Any thoughts? Thanks Danny
  8. 10.6.6 update - blue screen

    Hi, It works on 32bit. So does this mean my gfx isn't supported on 64-bit?
  9. 10.6.6 update - blue screen

    I've applied 10.6.6 update, for the most part it seems okay with no 'serious' errors. But I'm getting a blue screen just before the system brings up the desktop. It boots in safe mode fine. I'm using darwin kernel 10.6.0 in 64bit mode, all kexts are 64 bit. Was working fine at 10.6.3, in fact it was very a very fast system too. Graphics are basic 7300LE, I didn't have it working quite right using efi string. It works but QE isn't enabled and changing resolutions from 1024 -> crashed the system. Nothing significant in the error logs. Any ideas? I know there have been others with this problem with 10.6.6, even proper maccers. Cheers Danny
  10. About this Mac

    I tried it, and it worked on snow leopard, partially. But I've since removed it because it's altered the ram reading from 800mhz to 677mhz? Do you know how to correct this? I have already replaced the string file with a backup!
  11. Decryption hasn't succeeded yet (probably will retry)

    Thanks that manual is a great read and didn't know it existed. On my above problem, booting into the mac install dvd and rebuilding all caches not only has fixed the problem but also seems to have speeded up boot time significantly. Which leads me to wonder whether; A/ The DSMOS.kext was being loaded at boot but not actually doing anything other than slowing the system boot time. B/ The kext utility isn't doing a very good job Thanks again.
  12. Blacklisted errors on every boot

    Okay! I would If I had one!
  13. I did a stupid thing, I removed the 'Don't Steal Mac OS.kext'. I was under the impression with FakeSMC I didn't need it. I first backed up the kext then removed it. Now whether that was the cause of my trouble or not I don't know, because I forgot to run Kext Utility to clear caches etc. So now when I boot I get 'Decryption hasn't succeeded yet (probably will retry)' and the system fails to boot, it simply iterates that warning. So, I figured I'd start the system ignoring caches (iHack Boot) but that never worked. So I assume I needed this DSMOS.kext after all. I tried to return the kext to it's extension directory via the backup I made. So I booted with the Retail disc into terminal, moved the kext directory back into /S/L/E and made it the same permissions as the rest of the kexts. Unfortunately it's got the better of me as it still boots with the error. Anyone got any ideas how to correct this or am I forced into yet another install Cheers
  14. Blacklisted errors on every boot

    Hi My system is booting extremely slow, maybe 5-8 minutes to desktop, but once loaded it seem okay. These errors occur on arch=i386 and with the -force64 flag. I'm trying to fix all the start up errors and here is one, but it also blacklists about 5 in total and they are all Intel processor core names! "warning: skipping personalities in blacklisted kext com.apple.drivers.apple.intel.yonah" Any idea what's causing this? Cheers