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  1. Okay.... I tried again and am now receiving the Still waiting for root device error... I guess I will have to try installing on a new HDD and see if that works or just play around with the different SATA ports. I currently have my SSD plugged into Sata Port 1 and set is Disk Drive 1 in the BIOS.
  2. I am a noob and have attempted my first hackintosh.... Thanks to Kup for the great guide and ps2pk for the simplified guide for 5xxx Graphics cards. My cfg: Core i7 940 6gb corsair ram ATI 5770 (XFX) P6X58D Premium mobo Intel 80gb SSD After finally getting SL installed... I found that I had no ethernet ports working so I redid the install the same way I got it working the first time. I first reformatted my drive so that it now shows as unallocated. I have tried the install again with and without flags but keep receiving the error: SerialATAPI reconfiguration did not complete successfully... I have tried over and over again for the past 5 hours and no success... Am I missing something.... In my first install I received the error waiting for device but I reformatted the SSD and proceeded with SL install successfully but as I stated earlier no internet. I reformatted it in the same manner using Partition Mgr Pro and no luck... Anyone please help... I will be searching everywhere and repeating the steps tonight after work... Thanks again to everyone for the assistance.