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  1. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Can be downloaded here.
  2. HP Pavilion dv7 3020ed - Hackintosh?

    Hi everyone, I've read that someone managed to install OS X Snow Leopard on an HP Pavilion dv7 3020ed and since my dad has this exact same notebook, I thought it'd be nice for him to get OS X running on his notebook. Now, I do have an iMac but I'm not familiar with installing OS X on non-supported devices. I've tried it once (it failed), but I'm a bit unfamiliar with this whole kext-thing. However, since I know that it is possible to get OS X up and running on this notebook, I'd appreciate any help from you guys! HP Pavilion dv7 3020ed - AMD Athlon II dual-core processor (M300) @ 2 GHz - 4 GB DDR3 SO-DIMM - 320 GB SATA-HDD @ 7200 RPM - ATI Radeon HD 4530 w/ 512 MB VRAM
  3. Show your computer running OS X

    Since Hackintosh didn't work on my PC, I decided to buy the 'real deal'. This is the result, a genuine 20" iMac G5, and I absolutely love it! Specifications: - 2,1 GHz PowerPC G5 processor (x64) - 1,5 GB RAM (-> 2,5 GB RAM) - 20" LCD TFT matte display - ATI Radeon X600 XT graphics card Extra: - AirPort Xtreme + Bluetooth - Apple Wireless Mighty Mouse - Apple Wired Aluminum Keyboard
  4. Booting failure OS X 10.5.5

    What is KP?
  5. Booting failure OS X 10.5.5

    Well if I boot the computer it goes straight to OS X.. and then I get this error (attachment). I really have no idea where my Windows did go or what caused it to do so. I'm reinstalling it now.. again.
  6. Booting failure OS X 10.5.5

    Yeah I did use [-v] but I didn't look at the last line and it is installing once more.. if this one doesn't work, I'll boot again with [-v] and if that doesn't help me out, I'll use iDeneb 1.6 - maybe it has more drivers? We'll see. Oh, by the way - my Windows installation has dissapeared again.
  7. Booting failure OS X 10.5.5

    Nope. Didn't work. I'll let it make a diagnose so that I know what the problem is.
  8. Booting failure OS X 10.5.5

    I know! That song is cool indd. I have made a partition so I'm going to install right now. I'll keep you guys updated!
  9. Booting failure OS X 10.5.5

    Just was searching on iDeneb boot problems on YouTube.. could be a solution? After all I do have Dual Core.
  10. Booting failure OS X 10.5.5

    Well it's this symbol, in grey.
  11. Booting failure OS X 10.5.5

    Hi there, I think I have a bit of a problem here but first, I’ll give a short introduction of myself. I’m 15 years old and I live in the Netherlands, so it could be that I cannot understand everything you say. Anyway, I like working with Mac OS X so I decided to look at the possibilities of a Hackintosh PC. After I did some research and checked my computer I began downloading iDeneb 1.3 (Mac OS X 10.5.5) and I burned the .iso onto a DVD, following tutorial. Then, I’ve created a partition of 30 GB (not 15 GB, as said in the tutorial). I did everything as the tutorial said; before the installation, I went in Disk Utilities and erased / made the partition on which Mac OS X should be installed, and then I selected the items I thought were necessary. The installation itself lasted about 5 minutes and after that, I had to reboot the computer in order to complete the installation. So I got the bootscreen but after a minute, some ‘acces denied’ icon showed up. I don’t know what it’s called in English, but it’s like ø. I have read about this icon showing up earlier and I thought it was about your hardware not being compatible with the system,so I ran the entire installation again (including erasing / creating a partition) but this time, I selected every driver or language or whatever you can select. This time the installation lasted a little longer, about 15 to 20 minutes. Again, I rebooted but still the icon appeared. I decided to go back into Windows to download another version of iDeneb or maybe even another Hackintosh version, but I wasn’t able to find the Windows installation! After a while I’ve found it but when I wanted to boot it, it said “BOOTMGR missing – press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Del] to reboot”. I inserted the Windows 7 installationdisk but when I tried to repair the installation, the disk wasn’t able to find any installed Windows-OS. Afterwards I’ve done a clean install of Windows, but I still don’t know what’s gone wrong and I still want to set up a dualboot with Windows 7 / Hackintosh.. Here are the specifications of my PC, if you guys might need them: Compaq Presario KQ433AA-ABH SR5340NL PROCESSOR • SSE3 Intel Core Duo2 @ 2.20 GHz (64-bits ready) MEMORY • 3072 MB RAM • 320 GB Hitachi HDT725032VLA380 HDD MAIN CIRCUIT BOARD • ASUSTek Computer Inc. Leonite2 6.00 • BIOS: Phoenix Technologies, LTD 5.21 07/27/2007 DISPLAY • ATI Radeon HD 2400 graphics card COMMUNICATIONS • Intel® PRO/100 VE network connection • Microsoft 6to4 adapter • Microsoft ISATAP adapter • Teredo Tunneling Pseudo-Interface PS The specs list is really messed up for some reason.. don't know how to fix that