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  1. [Guide] Lenovo B570 with Mountain Lion

    Hi There, I've a just got a Lenovo P580 (Intel Core i5-3210M), they are in the same family as the b570/v570. Do you mind posting your work on step 1? 1. had to repatch with stock AICPM.kext and install i5 SSDT otherwise it would KP (v570) (rest was same)
  2. First time tester on the TX1000 using Leo4All v4.1. Everything works better than I thought~! Touchscreen and Ink works Native Resolution works Ethernet, Wireless works Sound works Battery Boot works Things that are not working for me include: Sleep, I guess it is related to the QE/CI QE/CI Support Two finger scrolling (followed instructions from the install guide pdf). Question: Is there any work around to get sleep to work using another type of sleep? Is there a way to get the scrolling to work?