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  1. Uphuck 1.3 Success Thread

    Works great here...... Everything works P4 3.0ghz sse2 2 gigs of ram ATA hard drive Nvidia 5600 agp 8x. Custom Install Options: 10.4.9 Intel package script to remove AppleIntelCPUPowerManagement.kext Universal (3 May 2007) Natit dual 0.2 VIAATA Driver VIA Network Driver -- No network or Internet slowdown!!!!!!!!! Apple Software Updates. Download and installed all of them. I tried the security patch for 10.4.9 and the only problem is with "About this Mac". It crash the desktop and it reloads. It does it every time. I'm not sure how to fix it. Other than that, I'm working perfectly. Even the nvidia graphics are perfect. No crashes.
  2. You have to format the partition with "Master Boot Record", instead of GUID. It's in the options for the disk utility.
  3. I figured out what this problem is. You have to make sure that the partition on the drive is setup for "Master Boot Record". You have to change the default in the Disk Utility.
  4. Installed JaS 10.4.6, continiously reboots!

    Copying the march_kernel solved my reboot problems. Thanks.
  5. network card acting strange

    Any solutions? I have the same problem.
  6. 1.2 Tulip Ethernet Driver for 10.4.3 and up

    I'm looking for a compile 1.2 version for 10.4.5. Could some kind soul post it. Thanks
  7. network card acting strange

    I have the same problem too. Maybe we need a recompile for 10.4.5?
  8. New link to Darwine OSX86 Binary

    The OSxProject wiki link has been setup with a new URL link. Thanks guys...
  9. Still looking for a URL Link. Please...
  10. New link to Darwine OSX86 Binary

    No new link?
  11. Do I have to reapply the Maxx 0.5c patches after I run the MacOSX Update 1.4.1? My CPU is SEE2 and I though it might have to be reinstalled. I did not want to wipe out any updates from the 1.4.1 update.
  12. Could some kind soul re-host the universal binary od Darwine again. Please.
  13. Does anyone have the new link? Just great when I was trying to install it tonight.
  14. hoowwooo. I finally got 1600x1200 with s3 video on my pentium 4 HT board. Working out to get above 60hz, but the monitor keeps complaining about invalid freq scan.s3video.tiff
  15. I don't think anyone will be making any drivers. I have not see one driver from xcode. I have the same network card.