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  1. It is the famous qJulia of Apple on Windows. Download in Windows and just doubleclick on qJulia. It is a 64bit application so it needs a 64bit Windows OS. Can someone tell me if it works? qJulia.rar
  2. So you have installed your osx-86 well do you really want to check how it compares in graphics and opencl compared to Windows-7? Here are the two examples of qJulia and Procedural Grass terain OpenCL examples in Windows 7 64bit. You need to have an NVIDIA card, ATI not supported. You can find the same examples in the forum for Mac OS X. Cheers, Alexander. qJulia.rar ProceduralGrassTerrain.rar
  3. No nothing that you said work. I tried all solutions. Anyway my Hackintosh works, a friends Hackintosh has problems logging in, the only solution seems to be to buy it from Apple Store. cheers.
  4. I want to buy a bluetoooth headset compatible for Mac OS X. The bluetooth dongle I have is version 1.2 100 meters range. Could some people who are using Skype and a bluetooth headset write the brand of the headset they are using? Cheers P.S: The sensation of Lion with the Apple trackpad is amazing all gestures work as illustrated in Apple. I got rid of the mouse for everyday use, I still have the mouse plugged since I am in 3D and visual navigation of 3D objects is cumbersome with the trackpad. This is the only reason I still have the mouse.
  5. To tell you the truth this is what I also expect. It is most like a moral issue to buy a legit copy of Mac and I raise also a flag of doubt since Xcode developer toos have still left me on the launchpad an install icon and have updated the DP4 developer tools I have. So why not a serious update in Lion come also as an update package. Anyway it is all speculations as I said. Since I am buying a legit copy and bought also my magic trackpad for the gestures (the feeling is absolute amazing) I do not feel like a freebie. I am just trying the GM with the goal of buying it after August. Well I will buy it for sure since I have tested its stability in a close deadline I had using LaTeX. I had one day to prepare a prepare a document and I used MacTex. Over 10 windows opened going back and forth to them and Lion did not make me curse even once which is highly unlikely when you use Windows. :-)
  6. I am buying it. It is not being paranoid. It is being on the safe side. Also answer me to this question: Can you write a review on Mac Lion in Apple Store from your pirate Lion? Well let me answer this question for you. Simply no. Suppose a popup appears on your icon saying that there is a major update on Lion, can you download it if you have not bought it? Do I make logic to you now or should I draw a logic diagram in case there is a danger for a paranoid misconception again. Cheers.
  7. If that works then they are not so smart or they just want to ship their products with Lion pre-installed, even so I would create a special pre-installed edition of Lion which do not need a digital signature (map of your account to Lion). Anyway thanks for the tip. I am curious though of the updates to Lion which will probably be available from Apple Store. Will it be possible to update the OS if you have not bought it?
  8. Apple was clever enough to map each Apple account and knows if the account has purchased Lion so it won't log you in Apple Store. So you won't be able to update to a new version of Lion or use the developer tools. Buy it with your account!
  9. agalex

    Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    Will this work for the GTX 590? I mean will the two GPUs get recognized for CUDA and OpenCL?
  10. agalex

    Fermi 5XX works with Lion DP4/GM!

    Does OpenCL work on 590 GTX? I mean does it recognize that you have three devices. 2 GPUs 1 CPU? I am sure that the new Mac Pros will have support for multi GPUs so I am guessing that it probably does.
  11. agalex

    Read write on Windows Partition

    Well at least not on the partition that you have the windows system files.
  12. agalex

    Read write on Windows Partition

    Yes indeed it works. Thanks.
  13. agalex

    Read write on Windows Partition

    Nope! Doesn't work. Could someone tell me which files from Snow Leopard I need because the guys in Apple has totally disabled the feature to write on NTFS in Lion. Maybe these files work also on Lion.
  14. Hi I have tried many methods and did not work. I want someone who actually did it and worked for him to describe the method to enable writing on the NTFS partition of Windows 7 from Lion.
  15. agalex

    GM Lion working great

    Motherboard : Asus P6T (i7-920 processor, the old kexts for Network and Audio work). Graphics : eVGA GTX 480 (CUDA and OpenCL working, QE/CI working) 100% working. The dots on the task bar for open applications are back, great! I did not find any bugs. Everything work smoothly and steadily!