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  1. giving a bump for anybody that may have some info?
  2. Has anybody checked out these new machines from Dell? http://www.dell.com/content/topics/topic.a...;l=en&s=dhs What would you guys think about running OSX on them. As well would OSX work with the touch screen if a person purchased that option?
  3. Wardogg

    Leopard on a Asrock 4coredual-sata2

    Ok I got Leo4AllV3 running on it and it runs great. The only issues are my onboard sound was not recognized. The other issue which I knew prior to the install is my Radeon 9800 pro does not work with LEO. What is a fairly decent video card that is supported and when I am in my windows hard drive will play WoW better than my Radeon 9800 pro. I am not looking to spend top notch dollar so just good video card is all I need.
  4. Wardogg

    Leopard on a Asrock 4coredual-sata2

    Hey thanks alot for the info guys. I will go ahead and give it a try and post back my results.
  5. I have the Leo4all V3 dvd and I see that other users have got it working on this motherboard. I was wondering what settings I may need to change in my bios. I have tried searching and could find nothing on it. I am not using a sata HD, I know of that issue already. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  6. This will be interesting to watch. I bet it will be settled out of court as Psystar will not have the $$$$ to go to bat again Apples $$$$$. I just hope they don't come after this community as this would be a crying shame.
  7. Wardogg

    My setup Will it work?

    Bumping this because I really would love some feedback and/or help.
  8. Hi I am relatively new but have been surfing this site for a while, and I think I am ready to try the homebrew out. Here is what I have now for hardware and I am wondering if it will work. CPU - P4 3.0 Ghz prescott - sse2, sse3 MOBO - Asus P4S800D-X VID CARD - Nvidia GeForce 6800 Gs DVD Drive - LG ? I forgot the exact model I can look it up. Im sure its supported as I have put it in emacs before. HD - 2 IDE hard drives. They should work as long as there is mobo drivers I am assuming. And then secondly what build would work on this hardware, so I can get it and start to figure how to install it. Thanks
  9. Wardogg

    Warcraft woes

    Well when the auto picker as you say gives you a realm, click on view realm list and pick your own........ pretty simple procedure any WoW player should know.
  10. Wardogg

    Gaming machine

    Thanks alot for all your help, greatly apreciated, your system was along the lines I was thinking and it only further solidified my decision. Edit: on another note, if I went core2duo, what mobos are supported? thanks....... sorry for the newbie questions.
  11. Hi, I am new to the whole scene, but I love the idea of running osx on your own hardware configuration. I really would like to know if its possible to make a good osx86 gaming machine, and will the performance be altered in any way because of running on a custom box?????? Thanks alot in advance.