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  1. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    I'm pretty certain that's the Gobi 2000 3G WWAN adapter. I unplugged it and took it off since I don't use 3G (to save weight and battery life) and I don't have any unknown device markers in my Windows device manager. For those reporting super fast Windows 7 speeds, are you running 64-bit? I have 32-bit Lite install (custom created with RT7Lite), and while it isn't super slow, I wouldn't call it fast by a long shot. I went with a 32-bit lite install because it has a smaller footprint than 64-bit builds (I have 7 GB free once all my extra apps are installed) and because 64-bit didn't seem necessary on an Atom with only 2GB of RAM. If anyone reports Atom running faster on 64-bit than 32-bit, please let me know!
  2. Work in Progress: Google (Inventec) Cr-48

    I have Win7 32-bit installed and running fine. I'm trying to map the function keys to similar commands that ChromeOS had them mapped to (i.e. volume up/down, brightness up/down). I'm having a little trouble here. Using Eventghost, I can get the volume up/down/mute mapped (and I can add an OSD for each change too, which is pretty neat). However, I can't seem to find any way to map brightness up or down. Eventghost doesn't have any plugins that I know of to achieve that. I'm a bit at a loss here. Has anyone else had any luck mapping the function keys? Any help would be appreciated! Update: Okay, so maybe Eventghost isn't the best option for this kind of thing, it is designed for automation, not key remapping. Does anyone have any recommendations for a key mapper/hotkey editor that can enable common functions (win key, and fn keys)?