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  1. Need help picking a Mac OS X distro

    That got it to see my drive but now whenever it installs Essentials, it has a error about finishing pool without filling it.
  2. Need help picking a Mac OS X distro

    Okay, I got it to boot. Now, it isn't detecting my hard drive. Any ideas? I'm in #SnowLeopard and #hackint0sh on irc.osx86.hu if anyone from there sees this.
  3. Need help picking a Mac OS X distro

    Two: Apple's and Hazard's. Hazard's installed okay, but there was no bootloader.
  4. Need help picking a Mac OS X distro

    No, I can't get the DVD to boot. Sorry, should have been more exact.
  5. I know that my computer doesn't like the stock DVD. So, I'm going to leave a lshw here and see if anyone can point me in the right direction. Thanks in advance and sorry in advance if I posted this in the wrong category. http://sprunge.us/aKGb