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  1. Hey, I got ML working after upgrading from SL with this guide. I am having some weird issues though. Finder does not start up automatically anymore? All of my regular startups open fine, but Finder must be clicked from the dock to open first time. Cannot shutdown / restart from menu - nothing happens. Have to go to the Login Window to click shutdown there. Cannot open "About this Mac" - like shutdown and restart, nothing happens when clicked Much delay in startup/shutdown - sits at blank grey screen for a while. Otherwise I think all is working, thank you very much! If I could just fix these odd problems it would feel a lot better to use, but it is usable nonetheless. I am showing iMac12,2 now.
  2. Same problem here... I have a EP45UD3P Hackintosh running SL on a Q9550. Going to try editing processor settings in the BIOS. I've done everything on the apple page - but it's good to know that it's not my interface's fault.