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  1. Hey, I got ML working after upgrading from SL with this guide. I am having some weird issues though. Finder does not start up automatically anymore? All of my regular startups open fine, but Finder must be clicked from the dock to open first time. Cannot shutdown / restart from menu - nothing happens. Have to go to the Login Window to click shutdown there. Cannot open "About this Mac" - like shutdown and restart, nothing happens when clicked Much delay in startup/shutdown - sits at blank grey screen for a while. Otherwise I think all is working, thank you very much! If I could just fix these odd problems it would feel a lot better to use, but it is usable nonetheless. I am showing iMac12,2 now.
  2. Same problem here... I have a EP45UD3P Hackintosh running SL on a Q9550. Going to try editing processor settings in the BIOS. I've done everything on the apple page - but it's good to know that it's not my interface's fault.
  3. Hey all I haven't been on the hackintosh scene for a while. I have an X850XT and, that is one of the few cards that is apparently never going to work. So I've decided to upgrade my video card to make it PS3 compatible anyways. As well I'm going to be turning my desktop into a recording setup with Protools & a digidesign 001. Are there any problems with the 7900GTX currently? This one specifically http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewI...hlink:middle:us How about the Athlon X2 4400, the SB Audigy 2 ZS sound card, or the protools digidesign interface? Also I'll just squeeze this question in, do you guys think Leopard will install natively on PCs? I'm going to be getting it on the release date for my Macbook Pro, so if it works on PCs I might just wait
  4. Alot of things happened. I tried installing Natit for my dual screens. Cauesd kernel panic. Used uninstall script in -s. Tried installing it again. Kernel Panic. Uninstalled again. Then, it would not boot at all. So I tried reinstalling... first 10.4.7, then 10.4.8 AMD Update. Now it doesn't work at all... If I boot without verbose and it actually gets passed the terminal-like start, I can get to a barcode screen again! This time though, some of the lines are colored! Perhaps it has something to do with patches? Why would 1 install work and then not work again?
  5. I installed the 1048 AMD SSE3 update and I am now up and running on OS X! BUT! I have no internet connectivity, I am limited to 1024x768 like you said, and my second monitor doesn't work as it should(or I don't know how to set it up) What is Callisto, and how can I get it without internet connectivity/where can I download it if you can help me with my internet connectivity? edit: Plus, my keyboard and mouse don't work. I have a cheap Sony keyboard and an Intellimouse 4.0. Both on PS/2 I am using an old iMac keyboard and a wireless version of the Intellimouse and they work. Both on USB edit again: alright! Posting from OSX... I threw in a Linksys PCI enet card
  6. well, as long as I can get into the system to perform certain installs/modifications, I'll be happy. I can't do anything with what I have right now. I suppose I'll figure that out once 1048 finishes then.
  7. I have more progress on the 1048 download. That will work too right? Also, whats the deal with my proc and SSE? On the wiki, I see that 10.4.3 did not support SSE3 with my CPU but "worked with SSE2 patch only". Is this fixed in 10.4.8?
  8. Aww, okay, well I've been trying to download 1048 for a while now. I have no idea how to integrate different kernels or drivers into install dvds or anything. Is there anyway I can do something like that?
  9. Using the JaS 10.4.7 DVD, I installed with all patches to my PATA drive. I boot into it, it gets past the Darwin bootloader, and then a whole lot of white text on black background diagnostic looking messages. Nothing really sticks out there that I can see but I haven't read it all. Anyways, the final stage I get it to boot to is a blank screen with lines of various widths placed on it. It resembles a barcode. It seems to be in different orientation upon each try. What should I do? I've been dreaming of getting OSX up and running on my PC!