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  1. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Well, I would get the Laptop if you are looking for a cheaper Mac experience. I have the G734 bought from Best Buy, and its great, I have mac on one drive and win 7 on the other. My mac OSX LION is great, there is a few issuses that i have ran into, and ill list them for you. 1. Sometimes it gives a Kernel Panic on bootup. just have to keep rebooting and using boot flag -f, but then it boots fine, I think its the Voodoohda causing this. 2. You can only use the backlite keys after a sleep, you can not adjust it, like you can in windows. 3. The SD card reader will not work, many have tried to make this work. 4. Sound is not as loud as the windows side. Its loud and usable, but its about 75% of the windows side. 5. HDMI, may or maynot work, 6. USB3 works, but it can leave as well, have to take the battery out to get it back. So there is the issues iv found with Mac OSX LION. It will be up to you to decide if you can live with those non or simi working features. As for me, I can, and i love my Hackintosh, and for the price, i love it even more. I have a few apps that i have to have windows for, So for me, it doesnt make since to buy a $2700 mac, and load windows on it, for my main programs, when i bought a $1200 laptop and loaded mac on it. Hope this helps ya
  2. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    ill give it a try tonight, just not sure what to do with them. if you can explain to me what i need to do, ill give it it a try. youve done alot for us. so i would be glad to try this.
  3. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Jeff, Im on my cell phone, what have you found? lol
  4. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    No, The dsdt fixed the backlit, working after a wake, the battery as well, with the help of voodoo battery.kext. Jeff dsdt would not work with voodoo battery. So there is something to do with the dsdt files. I agree, there is something different between the two, I actually PM maldon about this, but have not got a response, maybe you can contact him. Here are both links to the files. plourdes dsdt http://www.megaupload.com/?d=UGBVC1BF Jeffs Package IM using: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=1Z2I0ST2 again, i just installed all of jeffs packages, and just deleted his dsdt and used plourdes dsdt
  5. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Hey Guys, Here is what iv done to active fully working install, I used Jeffs 2nd package, and then used the zip file from plourde, I installed everything from jeffs packages, but i used the dsdt file from plourdes file. with his battery indicator fix as well. All is working well, I'm getting a geek bench 64bit score of 9500 -9600 its a bit lower but i got backlit working so its worth it. One question: Is it possible to somehow to increase the volume in the voodoohda next. its got good volume but i think it could be a bit louder. Any ideas? Thanks Daryl
  6. The best notebooks for Lion

    Well, The Asus g73sw laptop is running great with lion, What works: Sound, wifi ( if comes with intel wifi, which will not work, but a Dell Wireless 1510 off ebay $20) , lan, backlite (after sleep) usb, usb3, tack pad, speedster What doesn't work: onboard SD reader Its a great laptop, their is also a G52sw with an i5 cpu. As far as i can say, its a perfect working Hack, its not a complete Mac, but for 1200 its a great mac.
  7. Combo Update 10.6.8 on G73SW

    Thats your problem, Take out the windows drive, make the backup partition on the same drive as your mac install, your laptop will recognize the main drive, automatic, afar you install mac, and put in your windows drive, if it recognizes the windows, drive, and want boot mac, just simply take out the windows drive, start pc with mac only drive, and then shutdown and install windows drive,
  8. Combo Update 10.6.8 on G73SW

    when you install 10.6.3, make 2 partitions, one about 50-100 gbs. then install sl on main hard drive, after install and you boot into the main partition the first time, download carbon copy cloner. clone main into the backup partition then reboot into the backup partition then do all the installing from there. you can go from 10.6.3 to 6.7 with out backing up, but 10.6.8 will give you KPs. So you must be in the backup partition to install 6.8. tonymac has a thread the Jeff, plourde did, it explains it all , and all the packages you need.
  9. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    hi Jeff, Thanks for the updated package, I still have no sleep. But i didnt do a fresh install with the newest package, just installed over what i had. I do have the same problem about usb mouse and KP. Thanks Daryl UPDATE: For completeness, i did a fresh install and used your latest package, every if working except for backlit, iv even tried the other fix, about the windows files. lol no luck backlit worked great in 10.6.8, so I'm sure its just a simple config somewhere, i just don't know where. can i just install the 10.6.8 package of yours ? will that work under lion? Unless i find a solution, ill just stay here until you get back in town. thanks UPDATE Update: Ok i tried the extra file.zip that plourde put up and everything is working great, sleep, battery, backlite, but now i cant boot with a usb plugged in. going to go back to to your previous package and use plourdes extra folder, and everything should work perfect. My geekbench is 9600 - 9700 so im happy with this setup. ill post back with final results.
  10. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Jeff, I was able to get everything working with a fresh install and your NEWEST package, except backlit I was noticing you were working on it with a file, but i never seen a post of it. What or where should i be looking to get the backlite to work? sleep, lid sleep, awake, usb3 all works fine, just not backlit, and with my ol eyes thats a nice feature. lol Thanks Daryl
  11. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Jeff, for some reason on my g73sw im getting some strange things. when i install fresh install and use your package from the front page, I having 2 issues. 1. No 64 bit mode, when i go to about mac/ software/ 64 bit it says NO 2. No sleep it will shut down but not wake up. I had your dsdt file from 10.6.7 replaced it, Now im getting 64 bit but no sleep I seen you had a new package, and i tried that dsdt file, and i now have 64 bit with no sleep. I seen that you said you are using sleepenabler in a post, but its not in your package, do i still need sleepenabler. thanks Daryl
  12. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Guys i need some help, installing this freakin thing. I got my usb working, and i can install Lion, but what do i do from there? do i follow the instructions on the usb creation page all the way, then use Jeffs folders? I have installed Lion, then copied jeffs extra folder, and used kext utility to install the kexts in the s/l/e folder of jeffs, but it want boot, with out the usb stick, and it gives a KP on boot, something to do with the ACPI and voodoohda the best i can tell, I know I'm missing something, a little help please. thanks Daryl
  13. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    srry didn't read post correctly. Fixed
  14. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    got lion downloaded, Are there any way to install this with out a usb drive, iv got the lion.dmg to a dvd. but can i use [url="http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/279450-why-insanelymac-does-not-support-tonymacx86/"]#####[/url] to install? Or am i going to have to get a 8mb flash stick?
  15. G73SW/G74SW Lion GM Install

    Downloading OSX LION as i type. Its not on the front page, but you can search for lion. heheheheh