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  1. Asus N82JQ failed installation, NEED HELP

    I have the same laptop as you. I'm currently working on putting OSX on mine. Its on my spring break to-do list. I'm using the retail install method, but haven't gotten any farther than you. Follow this tutorial: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...231058&st=0 He has a very similar setup as our computer, few differences in fact. I have one more day of school left before I can commit more time to this. It also depends on what version of OSX you are using. I'm using 10.6.5, different from the tutorial, I can either attempt to use another boot-loader CD and see if that reaches different results, or I can try another retail DVD Let us know if you have any sort of luck if you do attempt this method.
  2. Snow Leopard on ASUS G51Jx-X3

    Gravicle, Spent hours reading through these forums and turned google upside down looking for a good thread specific to my machine but it seems I am the only one with this laptop, or at least the only one trying to put mac on it. I noticed the machine in your tutorial is similar to mine and decided to give it a go. I'm using NawComBootCD which worked on the first shot. I am also using a 10.6.3 OEM Mac CD, which I am borrowing from my local 15inch MacBookPro User. I'm guessing this is the culprit to the following problem... MacInstaller loads fine and even gives me a native looking resolution, and my battery status. Once I select my language, I get the "MacOSX cannot be installed on this computer" MessageBox. I select Restore from backup just for kicks, this allows me to access DiskUtility, Terminal, SystemProfiler ect... I look into DiskUtility and my HardDisk is present and formatted with MacOSExtendedJournaled, GUID Partition Table, ect... notice the connection type is considered an external when it is in-fact internal. I have no idea where to go from here. I'm hoping you don't mind helping out a noob. I'm not really a noob, I've installed a distro of Kalaway before on my HP DV6k, but everyone and their poodle had that computer, very easy to find forums on it. Here are a few more pics that might prove themselves to be useful: Sorry but my Driod is my only means of taking pics. by the way my BIOS is the latest version for this model; 207 Thanks in advanced!
  3. Hi, we have similar laptops. First off, great writeup. I am currently downloading the nawcomBootCD to follow your method. But can you list your specs so I can expect the differences in our procedures? Thanks. I have installed OSX on my previous laptop but never this distro. Also, I used the Kalaway procedure. This nawcom way is new to me. Therefore, I have a few other questions: Did you actually purchase Snow Leopard? If no, how did you "patch" it to prevent the "Windows activation" like procedure? As for your partition table, in my past experiences, OSX is very picky and insists on being the first partition. Does this still hold to be true or can you install OSX behind other partitions such as Windows, Linux, ect.... As for the files you replaced, what is the purpose of doing this? And can you provide the source of these files? Including the kext files please?! Lastly, I did not understand the mistake you mentioned at the very bottom concerning sharing the partition. Can you please elaborate? The help will be much appreciated! Thanks in advanced! By the way: I am very jealous of your backlit keyboard. That is the only feature my laptop is missing. When I purchased it, there was no model with it included. :-/ I'm keeping an eye out for a replacement that fits this model.
  4. Introduce yourself.

    Hello Forumers. Looking to get OSX on my new machine, I'm coming from the oh so common HP DV6 series laptop, which found its fate last month as the GPU caught fire during some Adobe Premiere editing. Done a lot of searching prior to signing up for this forum, and it seems like I am the only one with this laptop thus far. Bought it from Newegg and now that I check back, I think I am the first and only purchaser of this product. Hoping to get some help from you guys soon!