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  1. That's really cool! I saw a few people do that on Youtube. ... are you the Wikipedia page person...?
  2. Launchpad is being worked on. Mission control seems to either rely off old components and extentions, but Launchpad most likely uses new ones. I submitted this to iFans Yesterday (if you see it on there.) First, go to the Apple Developer page and download the Lion Gold Master. You could download a torrent, but that would be piracy. Right click and choose "Show Package Contents" Goto "Contents." Goto "SharedSupport." Copy InstallESD.dmg to your desktop. Open it, and goto the "virtual drive." (What's it called?) Goto Packages. Copy Essentials.pkg to your desktop. Download Pacifest from Google. I got it from "download.com," or CNET Downloads. Open it up. Open Essentials.pkg with it. Copy Mission Control.app from the Applications folder to your desktop or applications folder. Either: Goto System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist and edit it from 10.6.* to 10.7 (This caused problems for me, like flash not working, applications not running... OR: Show Package Contents, Open Info.plist. Change minimum system version from 10.7 to 10.6. (Recommended.) Run Mission Control! (With some apps open!)
  3. Tiger 10.4.8 without Disk

  4. Custom Dell Inspiron 1545 Compatibility

    I'm typing from my 10.6.8 1545 Hackintosh! The graphics are weird - all the ones I have tried make the screen go black on boot. With 10.5, sound control was working. It's not on 10.6 due to the new Apple Voodoo driver. So: Tri-Boot would work. Sound would work without control (solution: when watching youtube, adjust using the volume bar in the browser. With flash games, use their volume control/sound control. Now, some don't have those options. I bought an external speakers with a volume control - fixed. You could also buy headphones. external volume controls... etc.) Graphics: Use OSX86 tools and enable Quartz Extreme. Check deviato.wordpress.com, they work on the Inspiron 1545 drivers a lot. Wireless: Working, I can send you the packages. Bluetooth: Working, I have the Magic Mouse with me. VGA: Working, I'm typing from a Dell ST2210 21". Great monitor. And that's it. (I found this wifi driver (didn't use this one) http://www.multiupload.com/GKHK0LA6P2 ) (and this (USED) http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php...st&id=42065 w/ I can't find it. In my extentions folder, I found IO80211Family.kext which probably works it. Try the others first. Bye!) I just spend a mother {censored} half hour explaining everything and it didn't even post.
  5. Tiger 10.4.8 without Disk

    I'm attempting to install Tiger on a usb 12GB drive without burning the "JaS" Tiger ".iso" to a disk. Does anyone know what files I need to install do the drive? I think I go to here: System/Installation/Packages/ What's needed? Thank you!
  6. Introduce yourself

    Hi everyone! My names John, and I'm from the USA. I came here for network and USB drivers/kexts for osx86.