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  1. Windows is more user friendly when installing programs. It will put the program in the proper place and make a shortcut on the desktop.With osx, you have to drag n drop to the app folder or shortcut to the app folder then make an alias to the program on the desktop.
  2. I have used both mac and pc's since the 1980's and will continue to use both. It's like meat and potatoes,they compliment each other. There are programs/hacks/cracks for the pc that just aren't available for the mac. The mac seems to be safer for internet cruising,altho the latest firefox has bugs.
  3. xtgold

    kext helper locks up

    kexthelper b7 locks up after loading a kext in snow leopard and I have to use the three finger salute to exit.Is there another similar program for snow leopard? The one in osx86tools doesn't work either,all the kext files are greyed out even tho they are the correct kext for the device/osx version.
  4. xtgold

    Ethernet Not Working?

    The system info app was already on my install dvd and I had the info from the previous xp install. I assumed he ran the app also.
  5. xtgold

    Ethernet Not Working?

    The vid and pid of the ethernet card has to be in the kext you are using. The extension should be loaded when you click on about this mac/more info/extensions. You may also have to get rid of the appleHPET.kext in the sle folder.