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  1. I know its a bit of messing around but why not search for MSIWindosx86 on tpb and try that distro. Everything seemed to work for me with it as i recall. Also perhaps look here... http://wind-osx86.wikispaces.com/10.5+Post-Install
  2. Nobody tried Snow Leopard yet?
  3. Much appreciated, thanks!
  4. One other thing thats really annoying. Since installing the update, my battery life can no longer be displayed. The status at the top of the screen is either 'charging' or 'not charging' and never how many mins are remaining. Anybody got any ideas?
  5. Installed 10.5.8 update. Worked fine, noticed resolution had changed back to 800x600 so I used MSi10.5.7UpgradeDriverPack_v1.5 that I had lying on my harddrive from the last time I updated. Edit: No, sleep stopped working... fixed using this http://thireus.dareyourmind.net/index.php/...os-1058-install
  6. Had to use Word from Microsoft Office 08 on my wind. Anyone else notice its one of the worst programs for artifacts. Its really off-putting.
  7. Anyone tried 10.5.6 yet?
  8. Svideo Tv Out

    Well, I just bought an svideo cable for my hackintosh, and can't get it to work on 10.5.5 - My graphics card is 8800GT and I'm using the latest drivers from NVinstaller. If anybody knows of a way, could they please post it here, Its a real shame not to be able to use my telly!
  9. Yeh - I second that - this question could do with an answer - Anybody have any suggestions?
  10. dock magnification (kalyway 10.5.2)

    Thanks - it works! Anyone have any idea why this is happening?
  11. Anyone reckon they could get something like this going on OSX for the wind?
  12. Dual screen facility is working great! As I write this on the screen of my wind, I have an episode of fawlty towers playing on my desktop monitor in 1280*1024.
  13. Also anyone know how I can change the name of the computer? At the moment it shows up on the network as Jack's Advent 4211 I know its petty ...
  14. Anyone got their 1490 working with Kismac?