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  1. Hey Jas And how about it a installer for, not so, new Motherboards and BIOS, ... could that make it possible to boot into the DVD, since so many people reports no luck on that?
  2. Do a search, and don´t think this is the right place to ask that, since this is a place to talk JaS...
  3. Hey Sauce did you ever got to the option to boot from dvd or enter F8?? If so, to had command line to Boot, you had it after F8 (Boot Options) selected. Otherway if you do not see none of the above, you´re experience Boot problems like i have. Can not start DvD install at all-
  4. So you´re saying theres a new beta for download? Or thats the MD5 for the old one? That didn´t work for me
  5. Hi there f41qu3 I can´t make my Acer DvD drive Read the DvD itself, thow on my Hp from my company it does. I´m Making a copy with superduper to external hard drive and try to make run that way... off Topic.. Não consigo fazer a drive de dvd reconhecer o dvd de instalação, apesar do pc da empresa onde trabalho não ter problemas em ler, por isso estou a fazer uma cópia com o superduper numa hard drive externa e vou tentar instalar daí. CIA
  6. Strange, i´ve never tried iatkos, and after a few faillure trys i´ve decided to stuck with JaS 10.4.8, cause it never gave no hard time, and always runs smooth... Would be great to get a 10.5 from JaS that would be really universal, since is work has been always so good, thow now a days i use a 24 iMac, i would love to make my hold Acer more uptodate, just for the sentimental reasons So bring it on JaS, give us a solution i really think you´re the man.
  7. Hi there, Back with the news, bad news, to me i guess... Can´t even make it start to install, just reboot after a few seconds... I guess P4 HT is a no go.
  8. Hi Jas Been away for a long time, i´d like to try it, still have my old Acer Aspire 1714sMI, with a P4 HT SSE2, and usin youre 10.4.8, and workin great. So Count me in, if you may... CIA
  9. About my sig @ the time using uphuck 10.4.9, the rest is workin, with a minor problem: Like others i get my baseball field im menu bar, saying i have airport but if i try to configure it theres no place to do it. Internet conect as no preference pane to it. Edit IO8211 and that´s how i got the baseball field on menubar. Even removed airport2.kext, and no go. Anybody solved this problem?? Thanks
  10. I have a network card and that´s how i connect to the net. Could it be, since i had my id to airport2 my device ID?, Also when i use 10.4.8 i had access to my card, and only had my device ID to airport2. Testing @ the time Uphuk 10.4.9
  11. Well i got the airport in menu bar but when i open internet connect theres no aiport icon to configure, my id is 8320- 802.11 wireless LAN, any ideas??
  12. Finder Problem

    Did you install any graphics Kext?? If no, that´s why. If did you must find if they load fine. I´m takin a wild guess here, but you haven´t install so you need to edit you´re com.apple.Boot.plist and had display resolution reference to it and it wil work fine, thow that way you would not have qe/ci.
  13. Silly me, after posting gonne over to mac and found that ... Thank´s anyway
  14. Hi everybody, Don´t really know if this is ok to ask, if not Mod´s delete this please.. Need IOReg from Mac laptop with nvidia cards, so PLEASE could someone share that info?? Thank´s in advance.