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  1. 10.5.1 9B18 Is Out - Run Update

    To end the question: Yes, they can. And: Yes I'm sure... completely
  2. 10.5.1 9B18 Is Out - Run Update

    hmmm... repair permissions in disk utility didn't get *really* adressed. Still produces lots of {censored}. A little disappointment here, though it supposedly is only cosmetical... btw: downloaded the full package from Apple's site. It's 109,2 MB in size
  3. Did not try the Automator application, but the original Terminal command. Works as promised. You can use AFP, NFS or SMB to connect to any given share, regardless what the underlying filesystem is (you could even use NTFS if you like) Anyway: The perfomance using 54Mbit WiFi is extremely poor. Sometimes TM fails to backup; wired Ethernet is o.k. though...
  4. @stellarola THX! Now I remember, what that infamous "Time Machine Fix" was. I just was unaware, that I actually used it in the past.
  5. Hi, has anybody else the problem, that time machine does no longer work after replacing the bootloader and using vanilla kexts and kernel? TM shows the disk, it can be selected, but backup fails afterwards. Did work before. Drive is an internal PATA-disk. Reformatting didn't help.
  6. Firefox Ported to Intel Macs

    Did I miss something? O.k. dowloading Firefox is not the Problem... but what about Tiger X86??