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  1. Basic guide about nVidia kexts

    First, @oldnapalm, Thank you! I have QE/CI and its due to all the comments and leads in this post. Its great how you're still answering confused beginners (like me) months after your initial post. I had NVinjectGo, NVinject, NVDarwin, and NVkush kexts all present in /S/L/E. Since system.log showed no errors I didn't think this was a problem. The only one that reported finding my card by name was NVDarwin, so I renamed the other injectors (to *.hold.) This was I all needed! Booted with all resolutions, HW accel CI and supported QE. Big performance difference in basic GUI (Expose and Spaces). Every bit as fast as my G5 intel imac. A comment for other's struggling to understand the inject process. I thought I would have to add my devcie id to NVDAResman and NVDANV50hal kexts. (and possibly other places like GeForce*.) Not so. My device ID is not in any of these. A single injector, and unmodified kexts are probably documented elsewhere-- probably even in this post -- but I missed it. My card is a PNY 8400gs PCI 512M. I loaded the XxX 10.5.6 distribution. All video related kext's are default. I also added "GraphicsEnabler=y" to my com.apple.Boot.plist. Since I did this before removing the extra injectors I'm not sure if that is required or not. >> You could try this injector >> http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/index.php?showtopic=139203 Yes, I got lucky and corrected my problem before trying this injector, but this is also a very useful post for 8400gs users. I was having the same symptoms (blue screen and timeouts) described there. >> I found this app to change resolution from command line. >> http://hints.macworld.com/article.php?stor...090413120929454 >> setgetscreenres.zip ( 1.81K ) Number of downloads: 0 Thank you for the binary. I saw this but hadn't yet re-installed Xcode to compile it. See you again when I scrounge up an old drive and try to move to 10.6. (I'm *not* blowing this drive away
  2. Basic guide about nVidia kexts

    Hello All, How can you clear-- or change-- the last used graphics resolution from single user mode ( '-s', text only boot option )? I had a PNY 8400GS PCI card and iDeneb (10.5.5). While configuring drivers/injectors I had fail messages on the boot screen but the GUI started after a long time. Booted into a supported card resolution-- not one supported by vesa. In display properties, there were a whole list of resolution options. One was 1920x1080, which is my native monitor res. I selected it and the screen turned solid blue. I expected to be able to boot into single user mode and delete 'com.apple.windowserver.plist', which had saved me with other screen related mistakes, but there was no such file. From then on, I could only boot graphics in safe mode, or by removing NV* and Ge* from /System/Library/Extensions. When I put them back, the blue screen was back. I restored my system. This time from XxX 10.5.6 distro, and my resolutions came up correctly-- selecting NVkush and NVinjector on install. I have all supported resolutions and Profiler says my bios is 'NVinjector'. There are success messages from NVkush in the log, but there is no QE/CI. Before I start tampering in the hopes of getting QE/CI working, I want to find out if there is a way to get 'un-blued screened' should I bungle things again. So again, my question: How can you clear-- or change-- the last used graphics resolution from single user mode. Thanks! ab
  3. ATI / NVIDIA OnBoard (P) ATA Driver

    Zappadoc: Thank you for this driver. Huge drive performance gain (over AppleGenericATA) on my Compaq R3000T running osx86 10.4.6. Also enabled my optical drive, as was the case with a previous post. If anyone is struggling to identify their chipset, try cpuz (if you're able to boot windows). I wasn't able to find an osx util to give similar info. Northbridge ATI ID5833 rev. 02 Southbridge ATI SB200 rev. 00