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  1. Caos1

    help with ATI Radeon HD 4200 m

    Is there any possible way to have QE/CI with this Gpu?
  2. Caos1

    dell d420 help

    i have dell d420 when i instal iatkos 10.6.3 i works like a charm QE/CI work but when i update or even just install new itunes it kick QE of i was giving a couple dsdt and put them in extra and also tried root so when i restart its still not working ...any idea ty for the help intel gma 950 27a2 intel core solo and i can run retail i have iatkos 10.6.3 installed no modified kernal
  3. when i upgrade to 10.6.6 cause i hear 10.6.7 and 10.6.8 doesn't work right now, it disables my QE/CI i tried adding EFI string, DSDT.....still didn't work like it works perfect in 10.6.3 (iatkos is what im using) please melp thanks for the help!
  4. Caos1

    intel gma 950 27a2 QE/CI 10.6.6 help :(

    yes i got it took some work cause i had to add voodoo drivers no gfx hacks xD but i stayed at 10.6.7 cause 10.6.8 had wifi issues
  5. im trying to get my creative web cam to work,it lets me use it mic via skype, and other programs but fails at the video tried mac cam and it does show me in the web cam but skype still doesent work nor photo booth i was givin a anyisight.kext but it seem'd to not work or is it that im not doing something right? any ideas?
  6. Caos1

    GMA945 ram

    i hope someone kind aways thata be nice :\
  7. so i use dsdt i got everything 99% perfect on my dell d420 full retail QE/CI 10.6.7 (10.6.8 = wifi issues) but it's only reading 64mb of ram i heard there was some how to get it reading 128mb vram, how? ty for the help
  8. Caos1

    intel gma 950 27a2 QE/CI 10.6.6 help :(

    i never modified it i just i just installed iatkos..?
  9. Caos1

    intel gma 950 27a2 QE/CI 10.6.6 help :(

    do you think you can help me? please
  10. Caos1

    how do i add efi string back help

    so i installed iatkos s2 and it was 10.6.3 worked like a charm but now my graphics isnt accelerated after update and as well as usb, so please tell me how do i add the efi string back
  11. Caos1

    dell laitude d420 running retail!

    I have to say that i have successfully got full retail working on dell d420. I had problems with Iatkos and everything else so i decided to try retail works great! Known bugs: * Internal Mic doesn't work * Default Intel wireless card doesn't work (I replaced with Dell wireless 1390) *With the dell wireless 1390, every time a new upgrade (I.e 10.6.6 > 10.6.7) I have to install a kext for the computer to detect it * Preview is broken ( I don't know why but screen shots won't work or pictures won't open) *Intel Graphics card runs native Only down fall is instead of running it 256mb vram it runs 128mb but it runs its full 1200 x 800 perfect out of the box * all the internet browsers have a problem loading youtube except Firefox 3.6xx *memory card slot doesn't work * Of course sleep mode And that's bout it, Blue Tooth is 100% perfect (runs better then Windows) I have the App store, Full updates and Xcode is perfect reads my full processing power and well I'm using it right now
  12. Caos1

    dell laitude d420 running retail!

    ok ill try that, so is it possible to fix preview? edit: i look at the program and can tell which one to click :S
  13. i have dell and intel gfx and all im reading 128mb of vram but my dash board lags and when i click applications and folders it lags opening....anyone know how to fix this to run smooth?
  14. Caos1

    dell laitude d420 running retail!

    well i got a kext for 10.6.7 now the only issue its lagging as in dashboard and when i click folders
  15. Caos1

    intel gma help please :)

    I have intel gma graphicscard and snowleopard is picking up it has 128mb vram and my graphics card is supposed to have 256mb vram... any idea on how to correct that?
  16. Caos1

    help with dell 1390 :/

    i just installed dw 1390...it didnt pick up...so i go in iatkos installed the driver it works! but when i restart says wirless card isnt there and shows airport but i cant turn it on....any ideas please help!!!!!
  17. Is it possible to install os X on external HDD... It's a segate 1.5 tb when i install it it says please restart your computer, I did the apple GUID and the Other one..... Any suggestions?
  18. Caos1

    External hard drive instalition help

    ok but when i install retail would it pick up like any wifi ethernet etc?
  19. Caos1

    External hard drive instalition help

    ok so where do i download the book loader to run the retail?
  20. Caos1

    External hard drive instalition help

    oh no its not installed on my labtop....do i need to is or is there an alternative way?
  21. Caos1

    External hard drive instalition help

    ok so i format the external then i do restore and restore the disk to the external? and install from the External ?
  22. Caos1

    External hard drive instalition help

    Ok i have the iatkos s3 disk when i choose utilities i do see a chameleon install option
  23. Caos1

    External hard drive instalition help

    Ok its a dell d420 1.5 gb ram Intel Core Processor. It will install on my computer fine but when I choose to install on External HDD it will Install but say the restart message. and it's using the chameleon v2 boot loader and i didn't use a .kext also its Iatkos 10.6
  24. is there any support for the wireless card IntelĀ® PRO/Wireless 3945ABG I supposedly found a driver but gave me a kernal panic this is were i downloaded it from http://code.google.com/p/iwidarwin/ but it recognized my ethernet then i restart gave me Kernal panic Any help please?