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  1. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    That would be great I'm already using the last Jas 10.4.8 that's why I don't understand why I would need another kernel other than the 8.8.1 that came with it Will I need to reinstall at all to use Semthex new kernel? I'd just like to install it and restart a couple times like my MacBook lol These P4s are a lot of work to just get some sound but it's oh so worth it thanks
  2. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Yeah really helpful... No one in the kernel room even talks and yeah dualbooter is right there are no links irc just confirms why i use the phone at least when the other person is on the line they are talking need to find that kernel for testing and i'd really like to not have to reinstall everything for it to work suggestions? thanks!
  3. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Which Kernel is better for the pather DaemonES or Mifki? When I upgraded 10.4.8 it was all about Semthex I never even heard of the other two.
  4. AppleHDA Solution - Work in progress

    Alright I have the dell dimenson 3100 running 10.4.8 AND kernal 8.8.1 (so no stupid remarks about using the right kernel) but the patcher STILL gives me kernel panic no matter which dump i use I enter my password and DUMP there has to be some way to get the sound working I'm dying here its been 3 months with no sound now any constructive help is appreciated thanks! This is my most recent dump too STAC_9200_E310_3100.txt