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  1. Works great now thanks for the patch man btw how do i test if i can use xcpm with my sabertooth x79 and 3930k cpu and ? I enabled the kernel flag -xcpm in clover and even KernelPM flag then booted back to the system and then tried to see if it work with terminal command sysctl -n machdep.xcpm.mode but it returned 0 what did i miss i hope you could help me.. should i generate new SSDT.aml ? even used mac pro 6.1 and that didn't help. the cpu don't clock down and stay on 3.2ghz and imagen how the south bridge fan sounds not to mention how hot the cpu get after 5 min
  2. hey stinga my 3930k is not clocking down after using like 3 flash windows mate and get stack at 3.5ghz http://share.pho.to/A190F/h7/original i think the speed step is not fully working could you help me update: never mind it was firefox browser that took to much power the speed step is working but not perfectly though.. is there a way to change smbios so it clocks the cpu as i like it ?
  3. i have sabertooth x79 mobo not sure though what kind of usb series i have guys...
  4. guys it finally worked don't know how but it did now i just have to enable SIP if i know how
  5. sry it didn't help i give up now thanks for the help guys btw am i going to be stuck with beta updates unless i change back to gm and reinstall etc... maybe i could change app store update url or something to get next stable release
  6. Yes i do use clover and i will try these steps although not sure about rebuild cache, is it sudo InsanelyRepairPermission -rt /Volumes/Your Volume ?
  7. deeemn i though so but thanks i will try it now Tried it but didn't help i repaired permission then cleared cache then rebooted... but same invalid error about web drive etc when i cleared cache like the pic i posted at #171
  8. sure i did change it like mike said but take a look anyway e.g or did he mean i should remove 15B30a and change it to 15B ? NVDAStartupWeb.kext.zip
  9. no i had it disabled since i always doing new changing to the system etc but will enable the protection now thanks guys
  10. indeed i don't know how the lol update turned up in the App Store and i installed it anyway i don't know how to go back to gm either to be honest i hate to reinstall everything if that is whats required but anyway thanks for the previous suggestions
  11. still didn't help not sure if i repaired the permissions properly... don't know if Disk Utility dose that in 10.11 or some other tool
  12. still not working hehe just could install the update.. so i can't use this driver and have to wait after all ?