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    XBOX 360 slim or PS3 slim

    My two cents on how I use mine. I have a server sitting in my house which has my media on it. I can use the built in networking tools of the PS3 to grab my media directly off of it. So I can easily stream everything straight to my TV and sound system without having to set up anything fancy myself. And the interface is real clean to use. I personally think the Xbox menu is a little clunky. Hope that helps.
  2. ColeTrain

    Introduce yourself.

    Hello all, I'm an engineer up in Connecticut. I work out of Hartford and I just think Macs are neat. I will post any help I can. Hope you're all doing well and drop me a line if you ever have any questions about getting engineering-type software and such up and working. PS: So a little about me, you won't find me using smileys too much, unless I am in fact smiling.