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  1. Nforce4 ethernet solved

    that seems pretty mad- but what the hell! try downloading vlc
  2. Nforce4 ethernet solved

    I've tried the "irq fix" and the manual setup in networking... its' more stable... infact i was about to post right here and it froze as I was downloading VLC... Can you download vlc without freezing? wonder what the fix is in rev.2
  3. Nforce4 ethernet solved

    Sadly, this doesn't work for me... I found an easy way to check- goto http://osx.kbot.de/comments.php?Discussion...p;page=1#Item_0 an click on the first desktop image.... crashes every time :censored2: The foredeth-nockd on the AMD wiki doesn't work either- I don't understand what's happened in rev.2 of the AMD that can't be shared to all the version 1 users. Anyone know?
  4. PCI professional soundcards

    what exactly to Logic studio users use then? Surely it can only be firewire. I used to think like you.. but the industry's going to firewire/external so everyone can just use laptops.
  5. Show Your OS X Desktop!

    Lovely Dock!! mind sharing the background?
  6. working awesome here for me.. I had to apply my ATI SATA patch first.. works like a charm... very fast too. A64 3700@3Ghz 7300GT gig ram etc using usb sound ATI RDX200 mobo
  7. Safari 3.0.2 for 10.4.8

    THANKS very much for this!! Great to find just what I was looking for and someones already done all the hard work. Brilliant.
  8. 10.4.10 Upgrade Sucessful

    Identical problem here! I tried the update from vmware too- same problem.. if you look in the logs it talks about coregraphics errors- I gave up and reinstalled- hopefully there is a solution
  9. Bunch of illegals

    THAT is ignorance, if I've ever seen it. Have you ever been to Europe to make these conclusions? I don't think that the stuff going on in other countries will influence this... not like the American administration to be compassionate and considering to other countries current affairs anyway is it?
  10. I'm not too sure, but you might be able to run Beryl off a Ubuntu 7.04 Live CD- after sudo apt-get install desktop-effects.. maybe Failing that, try the kororaa live cd. On the virtulisation topic; as far as I know there is no way of doing it. You need vmware to have hardware acceleration- which it doesn't right now... sorry :/ Hopefully you'll figure out a dual boot system
  11. so has anyone got any tips on mounting usb drives from the setup dvd?
  12. HOWTO: SB450 SATA Support for ATI Chipsets

    I also get the Diskarb errors. It's definatly to do with what we've done unfortunatly No idea about raid PascalW, but from what i've read it's unlikely to work :/ No harm in trying. I got a massive speed increase using this method, but thats because I was switching from the crappy ATI IDE driver thats got some problems.. If your switching from IDE to SATA you may not get much of an increase as Hard drives only read around 100MBs max, so they arn't fully utilized under ATA133 even.
  13. Dear Fellow OSX86 users! I feel I have thoroughly scowered the forums for random help alot but have not found a complete guide for SATA support under the SB450 chipset (afaik it's only on the rdx200 motherboards) , so it's time to (try!) and give some kind of untested guide: Ok.. download the attachment and place it into your /System/Library/Extensions folder.. just drag it in (overwriting the old file), and then type your password when prompted. Delete AppleVIAATA.kext from this extensions folder. Now open the console and sudo -s (now you type your password) cd /System/Library/Extensions/ chmod -R 755 IOATAFamily.kext chown -R root:wheel IOATAFamily.kext I think thats it! but to be safe.. cd .. rm Extensions.kextcache kextcache -k /Extensions Now reboot 2 Success stories so far, so I look forward to some results(good and bad). I can't guarantee this will 100% work, but it's worth a go! Allot of credit is due to Zappadoc and particully diegooo from these two threads (which I used to make this) http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...97&hl=SB450 http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?sho...51&hl=sb450 P.s I Don't know how clever this method is, as it involves deleting some kext- which doesn't seem too smart- but it works, so meh. IOATAFamily.kext.zip
  14. Quartz Graphics Test 169.48 Line 118.92 7.92 Klines/sec [50% alpha] Rectangle 184.92 55.21 Krects/sec [50% alpha] Circle 174.82 14.25 Kcircles/sec [50% alpha] Bezier 160.76 4.05 Kbeziers/sec [50% alpha] Text 267.05 16.71 Kchars/sec OpenGL Graphics Test 158.21 Spinning Squares 158.21 200.70 frames/sec User Interface Test 336.15 Elements 336.15 1.54 Krefresh/sec On a 7300GT (DDR3) and A64@ 3ghz. Your quartz and opengl should be about the same as me :s but thery're not too far off. Its the user interface score that concerns me... how does it perform in winblows? (dare I ask!)
  15. About This Mac Screenshots

    very nice Zes. Can anyone tell me what he has done to get his desktop icons to have that cool description? Edit: Nevermind (Finder>View>Show View options>)