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    Cmedia 8738

    oh thanx! I'll write that on the wiki
  2. Pons

    Cmedia 8738

    Hey everyone. I was watching on the wiki and I saw that this card was supported with and additional driver to install.. I already did it and it gives an error telling me that the extension is bad. Anyone knows about this problem? Thanx Pons
  3. Pons

    C:/ minus 6.5GB

    try using linux qtparted.. does the same as partition magic but its free.. i think knoppix has it ..
  4. Pons

    Everything but the wireless...

    there are many wireless drivers available for mac os X on PPC .. but is not of my knowledge if they would work on the x86 version. If you have time, just google
  5. hi there. i'm Felipe from Chile... (yes.. that long and small country in south america) and i'm 17. i've been reading these 3 forums for some long time (concretesurf, 360hacker and osx86proyect) and i'm very interested in installing osx on a x86 (i like challenges) but at the moment I dont have a SSE2 processor (this damn AthlonXP's) and I have and old G3 350mhz running 10.3 so I know how better this system is, but that is not the point now. It's stupid that Apple takes legal actions against you and the other informational sites. All files are being shared through P2P's, and not in true servers so they don't have any reasons. Anyway, you could host this site in Russia.. or Chile.. so you won't be in US jurisdiction. And.. that's it